Friday, December 18, 2015

The Journey of the Penguin; Emiliano Ponzi

Penguin Books - October 2015

A charming book (no words just illustrations) to celebrate Penguin's 80 years in publishing.  With gorgeous illustrations we watch how the life on one Antarctic penguin is transformed as he makes his way across the continent to London back in 1935.

While his penguin friends shed a tear or two back home, the world traveler finds the opportunity of a lifetime as the icon of a brand new publishing house. With stunning pictures of glaciers (melting), sea life,  Big Ben, palace guards, and adorable animals who are trying out for the leading role as well, the penguin in his top hat steals the show. Not only does the penguin get the job, he even gets a private office complete with pictures on the wall of famous Penguin authors such as Arthur Miller, Jack Kerouac and Dorothy Parker.

A beautiful book to celebrate this special occasion - Penguin's 80 years  in publishing.

5/5 Stars
(sent by publisher)


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