Thursday, October 10, 2019

Someone We Know; Shari Lapena


AUTHOR:  Shari Lapena
PUBLISHER: Pamela Dorman Books
PUB. YEAR: 2019
FORMAT: print/Library
RATING - 4/5

A nice, safe neighborhood in upstate New York is shocked to learn their neighbor goes missing and soon after turns up dead. Amanda Pierce has been murdered and, although her husband  Robert is a suspect, there are a few people who might want the young, attractive and flirty woman out of their lives for good.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy from the same neighborhood has been breaking into houses and not stealing anything but, gaining access to the homeowner's computers and learning some secrets which are capable of causing havoc. Could there be any connection?

This is a novel where there are so many so many suspects, secret affairs and other motives. It is a  twisty thriller that had me wondering and changing my opinion about the killer several times over before I was done reading. Although I enjoyed this one, a quick read indeed, I didn't think it was quite as well plotted as the author's previous offerings, but, it was still a good read overall.


  1. I liked Lapena's The Couple Next Door, so I'd give this one a chance.

  2. I haven't read any of her books yet, this sounds good!

  3. It does sound crazy good if it keeps you guessing!

  4. I think I overdosed on thrillers as I have found myself not reaching for them lately. I need a couple more non-thriller books before I can pick one up.

  5. I've enjoyed at least one of her earlier books so I'll probably pick this up.

  6. I've enjoyed her books but when the plot becomes very complicated, and when there are many, many suspects I tend to lose interest.

  7. I've read two of her previous, and they do tend to hold my attention. Still, I'm listening to your thoughts, and minding that this one was not quite up to speed as some of your previous reads of hers.

    1. Diane,
      Read your review again and reconsidered! I'm putting this one on my list.

  8. I sometimes like it when there are so many suspects but sometimes that makes me a weary reader.

  9. There are so many stories like this one that it's hard to keep them straight. I've read this author before but can't remember the name of the book. These types of reads are usually enjoyable to read though. A good distraction for sure.


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