Saturday, February 20, 2010

Library Loot - 2/20/2010


I have not been doing very well with my library books lately, but it does make me happy to look at them until their due date ( pathetic,I know ).

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A Lotus Grows in the MudBaker TowersGods in AlabamaSilver BellsAn Unfinished LifeGood Grief

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  1. I seem to do that too...Library books are for staring at not reading lol :)

  2. It's ok :)
    I am sure you will be back on track pretty soon!

    Some really cool books on your stacks though!

  3. Sad to say, the last few library books I reserved online, picked up and brought home - remained on the dining room table until the due dates (I had to read review books, you know?) when I took them back to the library. I figure the change of scenery did them good :)

  4. Mary,

    LOL....You sound like me, I LOVE those review books, but me own books and library books feel neglected as a result.

  5. Nice loot! I really want to read Wench.

  6. I'd be interested to see what you thought of the Postmistress. (when you get to it, of course)

    I love Mary's idea of giving the books a change of scenery. Lol!

  7. You must not have been raised with "Catholic guilt" like I was. I always worry about the other people who are waiting for the library books I am hoarding. LOL

    From the library this week I got

    The Elephant Keeper
    Supreme Courtship
    The Children's Blizzard

    So far, I am really enjoying the second book.

  8. Joanne,as a matter of fact I was raised with that Catholic guilt...LOL

  9. I have that EXACT same problem with my library books lol.

  10. Good to look at, for sure!

    Bill ;-)

    Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

  11. I love the way that you do this post. I never thought to use that widget from Goodreads like that!!! A lot easier than doing the covers individually!! Can I steal it sometime?

    I wish that I wouldn't get 6 books all on the same day because then they're all due at the same time!!!

    enjoy your loot!

  12. Staci and other Good Reads users.

    LIbrary Loot Widget

    All you have to do is CREATE a new shelf called Library LOOT, and then place each weeks Library Books on that shelf. Then go to WIDGETS and click on your LIBRARY LOOT shelf,--- it will give you the HTML info to paste in your weekly library loot post to make your shelf appear in your post.

    It's very easy. Feel free to do the same.

  13. LOL! I agree! When I get some books from the library, I love staring at them! The glossy covers, the thick size, the enticing descriptions, all until the due date comes along!

  14. Make time for "Good Grief" by Lolly Winston! I loved that book!!!

  15. I've been thinking about libreary books and due dates as well. I've renewed a few chosen books about three times already and have still not finished them!

  16. I think we all have the same problem. I also like to look at the books I have - the piles of TBR books and just look and look.
    You have a nice mix there from yr library.

  17. I have one library book due today; I guess I better hurry up and read it. Can't I just have it indefinitely???

  18. Stephanie...I agree, if no one else has holds on the books, why can't we renew them over and over again?LOL

  19. I know that feeling. I just renewed mine online. LOL


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