Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Salon - February 28th - February in Review

Can you believe February is over? 

It has been the craziest week weather-wise--snow and/or heavy rain for about (4) days straight. The trees sure looked pretty amazing, like a winter wonderland. Here is what my week in books looked like:
Books Completed This Week
Tentative Wishful Reading Plans for This Week

We were doing the happy dance this week. We were nervous about having our accountant do our taxes, especially since 2009 was a bit complicated. We had to to pay state taxes in (2) states, plus it always seems that we owe the IRS (fed and state $$$). So imagine our intense joy when we heard the federal government owes US for a change!! GOTCHA Uncle Sam! Also, one state owes us $25.00, and well, we owe another state around $300 -- after we got the great news, we went out for a celebratory dinner.  The fact that we spent over $14,000 of our own money on health insurance premiums and prescriptions definitely helped us to get these refunds. I am extremely jealous of those of you who have employer paid insurance benefits--we hate writing those checks each month --its so expensive.

NYC plans canceled; It's snowing Again!

Depending on the weather today, we may be off to New York City (when you read this post). We plan to take the train, but since we have to drive to New Haven, CT for the train ( 65 miles away), if it's snowing, we will be staying home.  My husband is hoping to visit with his grandchildren a bit, have a nice late brunch in the city, possibly hit The Strand, and still be home to sleep.  I'm not overly optimistic that the weather will cooperate, as snow is in the forecast once again through Monday. 
Do you have any special plans for today?

 February Reading in Review
  1. American Rust; Philipp Meyer - 4/5
  2. Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart; O'Connor and Glasser - 5/5
  3. Wish Her Safe At Home; Stephen Benatar - 4/5
  4. The Girl Next Door; Elizabeth Noble - 3.5/5
  5. Making Toast; Roger Rosenblatt - 4.5/5
  6. This is Where I Leave You; Jonathan Tropper - 4/5
  7. Sacred Hearts; Sarah Dunant - 4/5
  8. The Girl Who Chased the Moon S. Addison Allen - 4/5
  9. Unfinished Desires; Gail Godwin - 4/5
  10. Unfinished Business; James Van Praagh - 4/5
  11. Ernest Hemingway: A Writer's Life; Catherine Reef - 4.5/5
  12. The Solitude of Prime Numbers; Paulo Giordano - 5/5
  13. The Wayward Bus; John Steinbeck - 4.5/5 (no review yet)
  • February = (13 books) -(3) non fiction (1) audio) (9) fiction (8 review)
  • YTD - (29 Books)
  • Favorite Book of the Month: The Solitude of Prime Numbers
2010 Challenge Progress
  1. 2010 100+ Reading Challenge - 29/100
  2. 2010 Reading From My Shelves Project - 23/75
  3. 2010 ARC Reading Challenge - 22/58
  4. 2010 Pub Challenge - 10/10 - Completed
  5. 2010 New Authors Challenge - 14/50
  6. 2010 Support Your Local Library - 9/50
  7. 2010 Audio Book Challenge - 3/20
  8. 2010 Thriller/Suspense Challenge - 2/12
  9. 2010 Chunkster Challenge - 1/6
  10. 2010 Booker Challenge - 0/6
  11. 2010 Books To Read Before I Die Challenge - 1/20
  12. 2010 New York Challenge - 1/1 - Completed
    YTD - (23 books purchased)  - (Total Cost - $70.22)

    Have a great week everyone !


      1. I have the Solitude of Prime Numbers to read. Hope your trip to NYC goes well. I understand they got quite a bit of snow! The winter picture of trees and show is beautiful!

        Hope you'll visit my Sunday Salon

      2. The photo is beautiful! Lets hope that March will be an easier weather month. I need some sign of Spring!! I don't think I have the nerve to add up my book spending but maybe I'll try (now I'm curious). Looks like you had a good month of reading. Have a relaxing day, Diane.

      3. You had a great reading month! I hope the weather cooperates and you get to go to New York today!

      4. Have a great week! I can't believe how much snow the east coast has gotten. I'm used to it in Minnnesota.!

      5. I am sure the entire Northeast is ready to turn the calendars to March in anticipation of a final thaw! I hope you have the opportunity to take that trip to the city sometime soon.

        You have had a wonderful literary February -- I am somewhat jealous.

      6. I am so jealous you've read The Girl Who Chased the Moon. I can't wait to get my hands on that one. Sarah Addison Allen is supposed to be at my local B&N on March 16, but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it :(

      7. Diane, Good luck if you do decide to trek to NYC. NY husband is heading back that way this week, just days after being stranded from last weeks storm.

        I don't think I have bought a book yet this year... I need to look. We have a new director at our library and the book selections are incredible (well that and I have alot of prereading for the MMBC).

        Have a great week!

      8. I'm sorry your NYC trip got cancelled. What a bummer :(

        But get a load of your stats - 13 books in February!

      9. Your trees are beautiful! You have such a great list of books that you read in February. My Feb. reading was not so extensive as usual - I'm looking forward to a new month!

      10. I have Jamaica Inn on my to read list, so I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

      11. Too bad you didn't get to go to NYC! It looks like you have an ambitious reading week planned.

        Ugh. Taxes. I need to check with my husband to see if he's done them yet (and thank goodness for a husband who is willing to take it all on himself to get them done). I can't imagine having to pay for our own insurance. Don't even get me started about the health care issue (because I know not everyone wants universal health care, but I'm all for it).

      12. You certainly had a busy reading week! Sorry about your plans as I'm sure the weather forced you to cancel. When I looked at your posts photo, I laughed because I had temporarily forgotten that we are New England neighbors and you're dealing with all this white stuff too! I can't wait until spring!!!

        Have a great week ahead!

      13. You are doing great to date!

      14. You guys on the East Coast have just been getting slammed with bad weather! I hope it stops soon but at least it makes curling up with a good book always sound like a great idea! Have a good week!

      15. Oooh, I want to try some more Du Maurier after finishing Rebecca, so I look forward to hearing what you think of Jamaica Inn!

      16. Not only have we both read 29 books, but we both read 13 this month!

        I loved Jamaica Inn - I liked it a lot better than Rebecca.

        I am pleased to hear you got money back from the tax man.

      17. Sounds like a great month, especially when one gets tax money back! Too bad the NYC trip was cancelled (postponed?); it's such a fun place to visit.

      18. Great Sunday post

        ~Your End of Month (can't believe February is over!) was enviable. Looks like you had fun with all those great reads.

        ~My heart goes out to anyone who has to pay such incredible $$$ for health care. The only people I feel worse for are the ones who don't even have that choice.

        ~I too did a prelim on our taxes this week (hiding my eyes everytime I made another entry) but like you, we had a wee surprise and will actually get something back this year. We have military medical care, but still had over $7500 in med expense(mostly dental) not covered.

        On to March....hope you are able to get to NYC and have an enjoyable outing.

      19. You are really ahead in "reading from your shelves" challenge! You rock! Sorry the NY trip did not occur-the snow is creating all sorts of havoc, even in its beauty.

      20. I know, February got over too soon! Taxes, axes, taxes! Darn, I have to do them this weekend!!

        So sorry the NYC plans got canceled! Snow can be quite a bummer, I know! :(

        13 books is great! There's a group in GR where we try to read 144 books this year. I am not sure of reaching 100 books, much less 144! Haha! But it's fun!

      21. I know you are tired of snow, but the photo is spectacular!

        Feb.was an excellent reading month for you, Diane!

      22. Hurray for tax refunds!! Spring just has to get her soon, right?

      23. 13 books this! Sorry about your NYC trip.

      24. Your reading month was fantastic!! So many 4's and above!!yay for the to your high insurance premiums!!! Sorry about the weather canceling your NYC plans!!

        Have a wonderful March!

      25. It is great to know that you gave Prime numbers 5/5. I knew you loved it, but didn't realise it was that good! I'm very excited now!

      26. Yay on the refunds!! We got a good-sized one too and it helps so much. I know people say you shouldn't have that big a refund but it helps us to save money when we get it in one big chunk like that ... we'll put it away in savings. If we had it each month, we would just spend it.

        Hope NYC was fun!


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