Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New York Reading Challenge

I am a sucker for a good reading challenge, especially when it's a simple one to be successful like this one. Did you hear about Fizzy Thought's New York Challenge?

The rules:
1. The challenge runs from February 1st through May 15th, 2010.
2. Between now and May 15th, read 1 (one) book set in New York City and post your review. You can certainly read more, if you’re the overachieving type, but I’m trying to get maximum participation. :-D The book can be non-fiction or fiction, poetry or prose, graphic novel or audio book…whatever floats your boat. It can even be a guidebook. It just has to have New York City as its primary setting. And no fair using a book you’ve already read.  Full Details HERE!

I am hoping to read (1) of these (2) books:
Come on, join, you know you want to!!!!


  1. Yay! Thanks for joining and spreading the word!

  2. I like the idea about reading about New York. It is one of the places I really want to visit. I may just join this. I will go and investigate.

  3. Yes, you can just sign up Viv, there is a link on my site.

  4. That has got to be the simplest challenge I've ever come across - easy enough to accomplish!

  5. I am terrible when it comes to challenges, but I think I could do this one in my sleep. I am sure I have loads of books in my TBR that take place in NYC. If anyone is looking for recommendations you should check out Cheryl Mendelson's trilogy beginning with Morningside Heights, and then I forget the names of the other two, but I enjoyed them all.

  6. Heading over to sign up! I live in NYC so this is right up my alley!

  7. I'm so behind in my blog reading ... I missed Fizzy Thought's post about this challenge.

    I'm in!

  8. This sounds like a good one. I will consider it. Thanks for passing it on.

  9. I just jumped on board with this challenge too! It's my first one and I figured what better way to start than to read about my home, NYC! :)

    If you'd like to see my list of NYC musts, it's here! I'm still trying to decide what book to read for the challenge, though!


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