Wednesday, July 28, 2010

97 - It's a Secret; John Burningham

A cute children's book with a cat theme, and I'm in......such was the case when I came across, It's a Secret, by John Burningham (author and illustrator).

In this story, Malcom the cat leaves his comfy home every evening through the catdoor, and does not return until morning. He then spends his days sleeping inside of his comfy home. What does Malcom do at night? "It's a Secret"!
One night little Marie-Elaine sees Malcom getting ready to go out. She and her friend Norman persuade Malcom to take them with him, and they are in for the magical surprise of their lives. Where did they go and what did they do, you ask? Sorry, I can't tell you;It's a Secret, so be sure to read the book for yourself.

Great whimsical illustrations; magical story; ages 3-6.

RECOMMENDED - 4/5 stars (Library Book)


  1. I agree with Kathy, it does sound like a really adorable book! I bet my friend's sons would love it!! I will be sure to let them know about it!


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