Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue Chameleon; Emily Gravett

Title: Blue Chameleon
Author: Emily Gravett
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Kids
Edition: Hardcover
Source: Library
Date Completed: 4/72011
Setting: n/a
Rating: 4/5 stars
Recommend: Yes

The Blue Chameleon is a picture book about shapes and colors for young readers. The Blue Chameleon is (as you probably guessed) lonely.  He crawls along hoping to meet a friend, each time he meets a critter or object he'd like to have for a friend, he so wants to fit in, that he turns the same color as them. He becomes yellow like the banana, gold - like the fish, pink like a cockatoo, green like the grasshopper etc. Frustrated that he can't find a friend, he turn gray like the rock he is sitting on, exclaiming "I give up". Until one day he meet the perfect friend who is just as colorful as him.

The text is minimal in this book. There is basically just one word on each page. One page consists of a color (the color the chameleon has become), and on the opposite is the name of same color object. The illustrations are cute, and I could see how this would be a useful book for teaching very young children their colors. I think this book might have been better as a board book, as it is suited to the very youngest of readers.


  1. I like this little Chameleon!!

  2. I love the photo on the cover. I'd pick it up just for that puzzled look of the chameleon.

  3. What a cute book! I love the little blue chameleon :)

  4. The cover looks so cute! I'm sure my kids would have loved this when they were younger.

  5. Oh, no, he turns gray like a rock! Glad he does find a friend. This book sounds charming to me.

  6. One word on each page, I can handle that!

  7. Oh, I LOVE the whole story line. I'll look for it for my grandkids. Thanks!

  8. Just based on the cover I think I'd like this. He is very appealing!

  9. What a great idea. Can't believe there is not a book like this before.

  10. Claire's reading list is growing! THanks for finding me another must have book. :)


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