Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Beauty Detox Solution; Kimberly Snyder

Author: Kimberly Snyder
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Edition: softcover
Source: Amazon Vine
Date Completed: 5/12/2011 
Setting: n/a
Rating: 3/5
Recommend: unsure

A book that can help me get rid of belly fat and make me look younger? Sign me up!  These were (2) of the things that appealed to me when I read this books description. However, I am realistic, but was still a bit curious.

The author's book is about ridding your body of toxins. Once you do this she claims that you will not only feel better, but also that you will be on your way to a more youthful appearance, rid yourself of wrinkles and have healthier hair and nails as well.

The secret she says is "simple diet changes", for some people it may be simpler that for others. The plan is geared toward a Vegan vegetarian diet, claiming that limiting animal protein slows down the aging process which helps you to look younger.  Some of the other tips that I took away with me after reading this book were:
  • Eliminate soda from your diet (regular and diet) - it eats up important minerals
  • Eliminate Splenda and Saccharin from the diet as it leads to greater weight gain than by using sugar in the same foods.
  • Grazing (eating smaller but frequent meals) leads to faster aging.
  • Avoid caffeine: coffee, tea (even green tea); it's taxing on the liver
There is a list of the Best Fruits and Best Veggies, that I thought was good. However, when I took a look at the (7) Day Blossoming Beauty Menu, it was so restrictive, and just sounded awful, unless you are a fan of spinach smoothies or fermented cabbage (to name a few of the terrible things on the plan).

In summary, I did get some good info out of this book, but thought it was just too too restrictive, and some of the items would be difficult to find as well. It might help slow down the aging process if you started following this plan, or most any healthy eating plan early  enough in life, but if your looking for a quick, middle-age fix to a younger you, then I think this plan will be unable to deliver --just my opinion.


  1. I think many people know that detoxing and losing weight means mostly eating boring, icky nutritional food! But who can do that unless you're a movie star or model surrounded by personal trainers and personal chefs to make it taste better and all that? Not me, that's for sure!!!

  2. Spinach smoothies? No thanks! It sounds like this would not be the book for me!

  3. Sounds really interesting and there are some good guide lines there just for a more healthier eating regime, but I think I agree with your last statement.

  4. I can give up soda but there is no way I could give up my cup of coffee every morning!

  5. Oops, just thinking about that made me hungry!

  6. This sounds like anything BUT simple.

  7. This book sounds interesting, but it is hard to get enough protein and nutrients on a strict vegan diet. As for most sodas and artificial sweeteners, they are toxic, in my opinion. (You can make your own delicious, healthy sodas with organic fruit juices and carbonated water.)

    Amused, I think (and hope) coffee has health benefits. :)

  8. I exercise consistently and eat sensibly and all these do wonders for me. Spinach smoothies is nice! I tried it once at my previous workplace, thanks to the Chairman.

  9. I puzzled about the warning against grazing; I always thought smaller, more frequent meals were a better way to eat :(

    I also could not sustain any plan that made me give up tea, lol.

  10. It sounds like I could learn a lot from this book, but I'm not interested in a super restrictive diet. It might be good just to note a few pointers!


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