Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Wrap Up - Where did the month go?

Well, the month of May is over, and it has turned out to be my worst reading month in the last (11) years, since I've been tracking what I've read.  I only read (8) books, and at one time I use to read about (14-17).  It's not like I've been letting my brain go to mush though.

In my defense, I've been quite the wordsmith, having played 382 games of Scrabble on my iPhone in the last (6) weeks, with an 81% win rate.  I'm hoping I can stop obsessing about Scrabble and read more books in June, but I can't guarantee it...sorry...I am weak. So this is what my May in books looked like:
  1. Until Tuesday; Luis Carlos Montalvan - 3/5 (review) 
  2. A Father's Love; David Goldman - 4/5 (review) 
  3. Full Dark, No Stars; Stephen King - 4.5/5 (audio) 
  4. Disturbing the Peace; Richard Yates - 4/5
  5. The Beauty Detox Solution; Kimberly Snyder - 3/5 (review) 
  6. Faith; Jennifer Haigh - 4.5/5 (review) 
  7. School for the Blind; Dennis McFarland - 4/5 
  8. The Pumpkin Eater; Penelope Mortimer - 4/5 
  • Favorite  Fiction Book - Faith; Jennifer Haigh - 4.5/5 (review)
  • Favorite  Childrens Book - n/a
  • Favorite Audio Book -Full Dark, No Stars; Stephen King (4.5/5) - great readers
  • New authors -   5/8 -  YTD - 39/57
  • Review Books - 4/8 - YTD - 23/57
  • 5 star books - 0/8 -     YTD - 15/57
  • 4 star books - 6/8 -     YTD - 36/57
  • 3 star books - 2/8 -     YTD - 4/57
  • 2 star books - 0/8-      YTD - 2/57
~~~~~ Challenge Progress ~~~~~
  • 100+ Reading Challenge - 57/100
  • Reading From My Shelves Project - 26/50
  • Audio Book Challenge - 13/20
  • eBook Challenge - 5/20
June Reading Plans 
I'm planning of just reading what strikes my fancy, as we will be away for a few days, and hope to get to read a few books just for fun. In addition to those, I do hope to read: My New American Life; Prose, Wise Blood; Flannery O'Conner, State of Wonder, Ann Patchett,  and The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary; Westoll.

 Hope you had a great month in books!


  1. I think you had a great month!! I bought the Scrabble game for my iTouch because of you but I totally STINK at it!! You'd think with all the reading I do I would be quite the wiz!! LOL!! I plan on reading whatever calls my name..I will be going upstairs soon to pick out my next book!! Have a great June.

  2. I can totally relate...I've become addicted to Words with Friends.

  3. You had a great month in reading! :)
    I will be looking forward to your review of State of Wonder.

  4. Well at least you are using your brain with Scrabble. I've developed an obsession with TapZoo ... a virtual zoo!!!

  5. Remind me never to play you at Scrabble.

  6. My mom is addicted to Scrabble and has been trying to talk me into an iPhone so I can play with her! Have a great reading month in June.

  7. May was not my best reading month either. Only four books :(

  8. Good month! The Stephen King is on my wish list!

    Happy June reading!

  9. I got addicted to Words With Friends this month and had my lowest books read too. I feel your pain.

  10. Eight books is right around what I read every month so chin up! Glad to see you rated Faith so highly!

  11. I used to be addicted to online Scrabble. However it cut into my reading time too much. Eeek!

  12. You had a good month anyway! Scrabble online is supposed to be fun. I should probably stay away from it, as I tend to get addicted to things! LOL

    Hope you enjoy the "go with the flow" reading this month. I want to try that, too!

  13. It's so easy to get pulled into those games (I'm surely guilty of it! ... so glad I don't keep track of the number of games played)

    I haven't read any of the books on you May list, but FAITH is high on my TBR :)

  14. You won't want to play with me :), I tend to use my phone for Pandora and have forfeited all of the games I have been invited to play for exceeding the play clock (I forget to reply). HA!

    Glad you are enjoying yourself though, that's what is most important. :)

    I have Faith on my TBR list. Enjoy Haigh's novels.

  15. Those stats look good to me!
    I'm about 3/4 of the way through Faith, and am loving it.

    One of the women I work with at the library bookshop has become happily addicted to Scrabble on her Iphone :)

  16. April went so fast I never did do a wrap up post, so I'm not quite sure how much I read then and how much in May.

    I've been playing a word game on my kindle instead of reading sometimes, so I can relate a little bit. I'm impressed with the 382 games of scrabble though and your win rate - you're like the queen of scrabble!

  17. I've had a rotten May as well - the first so far this year. Must be the climate or something. Hope you have a better June!

  18. I love my Words with Friends ... haven't gone for the Scrabble yet.

  19. I had a pretty decent reading month in May but not a very good blogging month! I will definitely NOT check out Scrabble since I know for sure I would be addicted to it! ha!

  20. Oooh, Ann Patchett is always good! Do you play Scrabble with Friends? I've gotten hooked on solitaire on my iPad so only read 7 books!

  21. My evil son introduced me to a jigsaw geography game...and this was one of my worst months ever.


  22. Glad I am not the only one obssessed with word games. Great win percentage:)
    Reading what you fancy is always the way to go in my book.

  23. I love playing Scrabble! I used to play it online all of the time..it is addicting :) I think that it sounds like you still had a pretty solid reading month for May!

  24. You still did awesome Diane. Now you've got me thinking I need Scrabble for my iPod. Just what I need. Lol.

  25. I think you did mighty well, Diane! June is about to end too. *gasp*


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