Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More; I.C. Springman and Extra Yarn; Mac Barnett and 1-2-3 Peas; Keith Baker

More; I.C Springman, author and Brian Lie. illustrator - 2012 Houghton Mifflin

MORE  is an interesting book about concepts and conservation for very young children. It is a beautifully illustrated counting book that demonstrates the concepts of: a bit much; much too much and enough, as well as the concepts of less, a lot less, not so much, and yes, enough!

For example, nothing is illustrated by using a completely blank page; "something", by showing a single marble in a nest; "a few" with (3) objects in a nest; "more and more" by lots of birds delivering objects to the nest, and finally "more than enough" by the tree limb breaking by the weight of all of the objects in the nest.

Extremely well done and beautifully illustrated. This one is a great educational tool for little ones

In this delightful book, a young girl named Anna finds a box of yarn in the snow, on one cold and snowy day.  She takes the yarn home and knits a sweater, but with still plenty of yarn left, she even has enough to knit a sweater for her dog Nate.  This however, is no ordinary yarn. Anna nevers runs out of yarn, even after knitting sweaters for her entire class, decorating the houses and cars, and even after the whole town's appearance has changed.

The Archbishop tries to intervene by getting her to hand over the box of yarn, but she is unwilling to part with it, so the Archbishop sends someone to break into her house and steal the box of magical yarn.  
Can you guess what happens next? You'll have to read it yourself to find out, but readers everywhere will be rooting for "good" to win over "bad" in this delightful tale. A fun read for parents and kids alike.


I'm not familiar with this "LMNO peas" series, but I was looking for a counting book for toddlers and I thought the concept seemed like a cute one.

Although the illustrations are colorful and very fun and the book is educational, it is not an ideal book for toddlers. FIRST, the book is way too large in size for little ones to handle (the targeted audience). The number 1-10 are covered and illustrated well enough, but then 11-19 is kind of glossed over, and then from 20 to 100, the illustrations and numbers are shown in increments on 10s, with the "peas" engaging in some cute antics.

It's cute, don't get me wrong, but if someone asked me for a counting book recommendation for toddlers, this one would not go on my list. Overall, I think there are nicer counting books for little ones out there.



  1. Both books look wonderful! I think I need to find Extra Yarn to find out what happens next!

  2. These books look really cute. Do you think parents will be put off by the Archbishop being the bad guy, or did I misinterpret that?

  3. Extra Yarn sounds so wonderful! I would love to find out what happens in that tale, and would love to read it. Excellent reviews of these two today!

  4. I did enjoy this post and always love reading your reviews. Thanks always :)

  5. Love the sound of Extra Yarn - Christmas idea for the grandsons! Thanks.

  6. Loved the first two. There's something about the More book that really interests me. Too bad about the counting one though. Maybe you and the grandbaby could test these books out for publishers before the print them!!

  7. Sounds like a pretty bad Archbishop!! And I love the More book and cover!


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