Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains? ; Janet S. Crown and Sleepover Larry; Daniel Pinkwater

Janet Crown; 2012
NetGalley selection
Where Do the Animals Go When It Rains? is a book that was written by, Janet Crown, after many many bedtime discussions with her young children about where the animals that lived outside would go when it rained. Together they would often make up rhymes after their discussions, and this cute, well crafted book is the result.

While I was a little disappointed with the flow and rhyme of this story, the learning experience it offers about nature, climate, and the various animals themselves, more than made up for the flow of the story. Daron Rosenberg's illustrations were so well done, demonstrating things like how even animal families stick together where conditions aren't always perfect. For example, there is an illustration of a family of bunnies huddling close to each other to keep warm during the cold rain. The fonts vary in size and boldness to keep it interesting as well.

I think this is a book that will not only teach young children about animals and their environment, but will also be a favorite bedtime selection for some. Worth trying.

Sleepover Larry (Larry Series)
 Daniel and Jill Pinkwater - 2007
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I wasn't familiar with the Larry Series, but I wanted to try this new installment as it sounded quite cute.

Larry, is a very cute polar bear who is hoping to have his first sleepover for his zoo friends. The party will be held at the hotel where he lives. What do animals do at Larry's sleepover? Pretty much what children do when their friends sleep over: order pizza, play games, and even watch a scary movie.

The illustrations by Jill Pinkwater are cute, but the story was just so so, and even though it's a book for young children, I think the grammar should have been corrected....just my opinion. I think children need to be taught proper English early on - no excuses. If you are curious, the Kindle Edition is available for only $1.00, while the hardcover is $15.00.


  1. Hooray for teaching kids about animals!!,!

  2. I've gotten great children's books tips from Daniel Pinkwater (NPR) when my kids were young, but I've never actually read any of the ones he wrote. I'm surprised the grammar wasn't up to the mark. That's disappointing.

  3. I'm with you about the grammar!!!!!!!!


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