Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello June - Goodbye May

 It's hot hot hot outside!

Where the heck did May go and how did it get to be 90 degrees already? It's been so hot so early this past week, I haven't felt like doing anything outside except adding ice cubes to the bird bath and food to the feeders. Thank goodness we are in for high 70's once again.  As they say in New England, "if you don't like the weather, just wait a few days and it is sure to change."

I was on a reading/listening frenzy lately it seems, just wish I could write reviews as soon as I finish something (on-going problem here).  It is our slow time at work so I've been listening to audio books as I do some mindless tasks this month.  YTD - 50 books read.

Here is what I read in May:
  1. The Unfinished Life of Elizabeth D; N. Bernier 4.5/5 (audio and eGalley) May 2013
  2. Hikikomori and the Rental Sister; Jeff Backhaus - 4/5(audio and eGalley) - May-2013
  3. Lake People; Abi Maxwell - 3/5 (ARC and eGalley) - May 2013
  4. Reconstructing Amelia; K. McCreight - 4/5 (review copy)- May 2013 
  5. The Chosen; Chaim Potok - 4.5/5 (my shelf and library audio) - May 2013 
  6. Magnificence; Lydia Millet - 3.5/5 (audio and eBook) - May 2013 
  7. Looking for Me; Beth Hoffman - 5/5  (review copy)May 2013
  8. The Dinner; Herman Koch (audio) - 5/5 May 2013
  9. A Reliable Wife; Robert Goolrick (audio) - 4/5 May 2013 
  10. Flora; Gail Godwin - 5/5 (eGalley) - May 2013 - (no review yet)
  11. The Obituary Writer; Ann Hood - 3.5/5 - library - May 2013 (no review yet) 
  12. On Chesil Beach; Ian McEwan - 4/5 -audio - May 2013 (no review yet)
  13. The Other Typist; Suzanne Rindell (in progress)
  14. Under the Dome; Stephen King (in progress)
Favorite Books for May:

June Tentative Plans
  1. The Other Typist; Suzanne Rindell (in progress)
  2. Under the Dome; Stephen King (in progress)
  3. Gulp: Adventure on the Alimentary Canal; Mary Roach
  4. Z (Zelda Fitzgerald); Therese Fowler
  5. Big Brother; Lionel Shriver
  6. Accidents Happen; Louise Millar
  7. Silver Star; Jeanette Walls
  8. Antonia Lively Breaks Her Silence; David Samuel Levinson
  9. The Humanity Project; Jean Thompson
  10. Paradise Guest House; Ellen Sussman
  11. A Hundred Summers; Beatriz Williams
  12. The Fainting Room; Sarah Pemberton Strong
So readers - How have you been feeding your book obsession?


  1. Your lists are always so impressive to me since my list is usually one book per month!

  2. What a great line-up of books for June...and kudos on your reading during May!

  3. Looks like you've had a great collection of books to enjoy! I'm not crazy for temps near 90 either. Stay cool. Enjoy your reading.

  4. I feel the same's June already and hot & humid?!! You are on a roll with great reading,I'm impressed that you've read 50 books! I have been going through the same thing with writing reviews. Although my reading has been slow, now that it's summer I will have more time to read, yeah!! I am reading Looking For Me and just saw Beth at a book signing yesterday...check out my post & pics! I have to get The Dinner, have heard great things about this book. Can you share some good audio book suggestions?

  5. Impressive lists. Love the cat photo.

  6. I asked the same question today... where did May go? We aren't having much heat yet, but a lot of rain, rain, rain.

    I have the same problem with reviews. I need to come up with a way to write concise, informative reviews that don't take hours to compose.

  7. Wow! Impressive! I have read The Reliable Wife and On Chesil Beach out of your lists. Enjoyed them both. Happy reading!

  8. Those cats are hilarious!

    Diane, I am surprised at your weather; what happened to "cloudy New England"? Anyway, I'm sure the weather will change soon, as you point out.

    You have plenty of excellent reading on tap. Enjoy!

  9. That cat photo is so funny! It's terribly hot! I'm jealous of everyone who got an ARC of Big Brother. I joined Edelweiss just to ask for one, but I guess I got rejected because I never heard anything. I'll get it from the library this month. Enjoy your June reading! Looks good!

  10. Great month for books! Happy June reading!

  11. wow, what a month!
    I'm far behind, waiting for the heat to energize me. still waiting too rainy cold around Chicago.
    in your 1st list,. i want to read #2, 7 and 8.
    here is May wrap-up:

  12. Great month Diane!

    I didn't love Elizabeth D, I wasn't able to stay interested in the story with the illness, and coverup... That's okay, it's the great part about reading right? Experiences impact our reading, I struggle with most books dipping into the Cancer storyline. This is my issue, since logically I do know my Mom's journey was unique but this spills over to all cancer plots.

    I'm ready for 70's. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  13. Hahah - love those cats! Wow - your list looks great. I don't know how you manage to read so many, but I look forward to reading about them.

  14. A great reading month! I wish we had 70 degrees here, as we have had a cool spring. Can't wait to read Looking For Me.

  15. You had a great month! You have some wonderful titles...I am loving the books I have on my stacks, too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. The pic made me LOL, Diane! We had hot & humid but are back in the 50s and 60s this week. I'm ok with that. Looks like you have some good books to read in June. I love the diversity in your favorites from May. I loved Looking For Me.

  17. I hope that I enjoy The Dinner and Flora as much as you did. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze both into June. Have a wonderful month!

  18. You had a great month in May. I know what you mean by it flying by though. I can't believe it's already June. I've been doing ok with reading but not as good as you. I'm listening to Under the Dome though and it's pretty good so far.

    As for keeping up on the reviews. Me too! Especially with audiobooks. I finish one and start another but the review never gets written and then I forget what the book was about. Lol.

  19. I've been thinking of the Sting song - all four seasons in one day. Well, we've had all four seasons in one week! Now the great heat is gone, but around here it might be freezing temps this week, so we waited to put in our tomatoes and peppers.

  20. Your reading level amazes me. I have a couple of those you read in May on my June list. I'll go back and check out your reviews. Thanks!

  21. Oh wow! 50 books already, that's wonderful. Hope you read some great books in June!

  22. That picture made me laugh out loud!! I couldn't help but leave a comment, too. You read a lot in May and what's even better is it looks like most of them were in the 4 range. Awesome!

  23. I'm still laughing over that photo!!! Looking For Me was such a wonderful read for me too!!!

  24. That cat pic still has me laughing :)


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