Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah; Leslie Kimmelman (author) Paul Meisel (illustrator)

Leslie Kimmelman (author) Paul Meisel (illustrator)

Holiday House Inc. 2010

With Passover quickly approaching (Monday) this book seemed appropriate and cute as well.  The Little Red Hen is looking at her calendar and realizes she has a lot to do to prepare for Passover and her Seder dinner.  Before she can make "matzah" she needs to grow grains, harvest the grain and the make the "matzah".  She asks her friends, horse, dog and sheep to help her plant ---all have excuses and tell her "no".  So she plants it herself.  Harvest time means picking the grains -- once again no one will help her.  She ends up doing all the work herself each time, while her friends make up excuses and take naps.

When it's time for Seder dinner, her friends are knocking on her door ready to eat with her. She reminds them that no one wanted to help her prepare, but in the end -- she forgives and lets them celebrate with her.

This was a really fun read. It introduces young children to traditions which may be unfamiliar to them, including different foods that are typically part of the Seder meal. There are several Yiddish terms (and meanings) which added humor to the story. In addition there is a glossary with all of the terms, traditional Passover foods, and a recipe for making "matzah".

The illustrations were very well done -- bright and fun; they were the perfect compliment to a charming holiday story.

Recommended for ages 5-8

5/5 stars


  1. sounds adorable! I am Jewish and this one sounds great!! I am surprised they used the word "grain" in the book though because on Passover leavened grain is not permitted. Wonder if they said "unleavened?"

  2. This is great! Thanks. Going to buy it!

  3. Gage has lots of Jewish friends so I think this would be great for him!


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