Saturday, May 31, 2014

May in Review - A Glance at June

May with 31 days seemed awfully short to me.  I read (11) books but still feel like a bit of a slacker as I still need to review (3) of them. Of the )11), (6) were audio books, (3) arcs, (1) eGalley, (1) print. (57) books YTD.
  1. The Land of Steady Habits; Ted Thompson - (audio) 5/5 - May 
  2. North of Boston; Elisabeth Elo (audio) 3.5/5 - May
  3. Frog Music; Emma Donoghue (audio and eBook) - 4/5 - May
  4. You Should Have Known; Korelitz (arc/audio) - 3.5/5 - May
  5. Mr. Lynch's Holiday; Catherine O'Flynn - (arc) 5/5 - May
  6. Bark: Stories; Lorrie Moore (eGalley) - 3/5 - May 
  7. Ruin Falls; Jenny Milchman (audio) - 3/5 - May
  8. The Painter; Peter Heller - 3.5/5 stars (arc) - May
  9. Mambo in Chinatown; Jean Kwok - 4/5 (arc) - May 
  10. Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat; Divani - 4/5 (personal copy) May
  11. The Accident; Chris Parvone - 3.5/5 (audio) - May
Favorite May Read -  
The Land of Steady Habits; Ted Thompson - (audio) 5/5 - May 

Reading Plans for June - 
Hope You Had a Good Month for Books


  1. I still have 3 to review as well and I am panicking because I have to get to them before I forget them! LOL

    I envy that you can plan your reading tastes for the next month. I am more of a grazer and mood-chooser!

  2. You sure are organized, Diane! I missed your review of The Land of Steady Habits (must have been when we were on our road trip), but it sounds excellent. Have just added it to my audio list.

  3. Thanks for sharing Diane. I've read positive reviews for The Book of You.

  4. I loved The Book of kept me reading until my eyes were tired, but I couldn't seem to put it down.

    Now I'm very curious about The Land of Steady Habits.

  5. You had a great May...Good luck with June!

  6. Sounds like you had a great May! I had it pretty slow, what with so much happening. Hope we have a great June!

  7. A great reading month for you. Three of the books you rated at 3.5 are on my stacks. Wonder how I will respond to them. Have a great June, we are counting down the days to our first grandchild's arrival.

  8. Wow! That's an accomplishment -- 11 books. None of your titles are familiar to me, but some of them got me curious. Happy reading in June!

  9. Great list as always - that's three months reading for me :)

  10. 57 is my goal for the whole year! Lots of great reading :)

  11. I read nine this month and still have reviews to write too. I am always struggling to stay on top of them!

    I also listened to Ruin Falls - I liked it a little more than you did. The pacing was a bit uneven, but I listened to most of it while gardening - which is a happy activity for me - so the slow spots didn't bother me too much.

  12. Diane, if you're a slacker than I'm not sure what I'd be called! You read a lot of books last month. I hope June finds you reading to your heart's content.

  13. I'm not familiar with your June list, so I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. Happy reading!


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