Monday, June 29, 2015

May and June Reading Update

My reading has been so off for the last (2) months, I just realized I never posted a summary of my May reads,  I know to some of you, it probably looks like I had some good months, but I know otherwise based of previous patterns.  I finished (61) books in the first half of 2015, that is (10) fewer than the halfway mark of 2014 when I had (71).

My reading started to slide after finishing A Little Life (3) months ago. This was a book like no other that left me with the feeling that I will never find another book as terrific as this one.  Don't get me wrong, I've still read some decent books, but I've also grown bored more easily with mediocre reads.  Has this ever happened to you?

So this is what my May and June looked like.
  1. The Shore; Sara Taylor - 4.5/5 - (arc)  (May)
  2. The Listener; Rachel Basch - 4/5-  (eGalley) (May)
  3. You Nest Here With Me; Yolen and Semple - 5/5 (personal copy) (May)
  4. I Saw a Man; Owen Sheers - 3.5/5 (eBook) (May)
  5. Love May Fail; Matthew Quick -4/5 (arc) (May)
  6. The Grasshopper and the Ants; Jim Pinkney - 5/5 (library) (May
  7. The People in the Trees; Hanya Yanagihara - 4,5/5 (audio) (May)
  8. Big Ray; Michael Kimball - 3.5/5 - (personal copy) (May)
  9. Beside the Sea; Veronique Olmi Page - 4.5/5 (library) (June)
  10. Liar's Bench; Kim Michelle Richardson - 3.5/5 (arc) (June)
  11. Radiant Angel; Nelson Demille -4/5 (audio) (June)
  12. Tad and Dad; David Ezra Stein - 5/5 (personal copy) (June)
  13. The Farmer and the Clown; Marcia Frazee - 5/5 (library) (June)
  14. It's Only Stanley; Jon Agee - 4.5/5 (library) (June)
  15. The Life We Bury; Allen Eskens - 4.5/5 (personal copy) (June)
  16. Glaciers; Alexis Smith - DNF - (June)
July Plans
 mood reading (except for 3 books I committed to)
Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. I write down all the books I read but don't post them on my blog. Maybe I will start doing that. I have not read any of the books on your list which just goes to show that there are so MANY good books in the universe.

  2. It looks like you read some good books based on your ratings. I am looking forward to Love May Fail.

  3. A Little Life seems to have such a profound effect on many readers... I want to read it and am also a little scared of it. A really great book often leaves me feeling lost. Nothing else seems to measure up.

  4. I am at that point now. I finished A Little Life recently and it's really put its mark on me. I mean, I cried like a baby during those final pages. I have to read my book club book quickly because we are meeting in a couple of day and I am kicking off my read along for Atlas Shrugged tomorrow but the effects of A Little Life are really had to shake.

  5. I hope July is a good month for you!


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