Friday, June 19, 2015

The Farmer and the Clown; Marcia Frazee

 The Farmer and the Clown; Marcia Frazee
Beach Lane Books - 2014

Wow - what a treat. In this marvelous, wordless picture book, a small circus train passes through a rural farm land where an elderly farmer lives alone.  When the train hits a bump, off flies the littlest clown you've ever seen -- picture a toddler in clown garb.

The taller than life, stern-faced farmer comes to the rescue or this pint-sized, frightened little clown, and prepares a space for him inside his humble home. As daylight comes, he includes the little one in his daily farm chores: milking the cow, gathering eggs, pitching hay etc. and even plans a little picnic lunch for the two of them.

Luckily for the little one, the same train passes through the very next day and the clowns on board rescue their little one. The old man gives the little one his hat to remember him by. The ending, which at first glance is sad, being the old man will be left alone once again, does have a surprise ending that will make you feel better and maybe even smile.

The art work is lovely and perfect for this wordless book. The contrasting colors, clothing and expressions between the child and larger than life man, are wonderful.

A beautiful book and just a welcomed addition to any collection.

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