Tuesday, April 2, 2019

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros - A Bite in the Apple; Chrisann Brennan

Each Tuesday, Vicki, from I’d Rather Be At The Beach hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros where  readers post the opening paragraph (sometime two) of a book that they are reading or plan to read. 

St. Martin's Press - 2013


The Creatives

" I first met him in early January of my junior year of high school. It was 1972.  He wore thin blue jeans that were full of big holes, the torn material hanging in loops around his legs.  He was dressed in a nice pressed shirt and tennis shoes and walked then, as he did as an adult, in a forward-falling gait, arms swinging with a contained reserve in his hands.  It was a sunny California afternoon in early spring and he was standing in the quad with a small book in his hand.  I don't know why I hadn't seen him before, since, as I would find out later, many of my friends knew him.  I was drawn to him immediately, and when he walked off campus I followed him, wanting to say something but having no idea what or how.  I surprised myself, because I ended up following him out to the edge of the campus three times over the next week.  I finally gave up because it was too big a leap for me to introduce myself out of the blue to a boy I thought was cute. I never even learned his name."

Even though this intro seemed pretty boring to me, I'm obsessed with all things "Jobs and Apple" and, since I read (2) other books about him I wanted to see what else this one might have to offer.

Any interest?


  1. I haven't read a memoir in a while. Looks promising.

  2. I thought the intro was too boring to finish. Too bad, we liked the dude too.

  3. I do enjoy memoirs, and I'm fascinated by Steve Jobs and his family. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Seems like there have been quite a few books about Jobs lately. This intro doesn't really appeal to me, but I'll be interested in your opinion...

  5. I enjoyed the opening; it reminded me of my own high school days.

  6. I liked the intro and may end up reading it.

  7. I liked the intro, but I'm not big on celebrtiy related memoirs. See what I'm featuring at Girl Who Reads

  8. I've watched a couple of biopics about Jobs and I have to say he isn't one of my favorite people. Not sure I'd read this one.

  9. Maybe someday. Is this one by his former or first wife or whatever?

    1. She's the mother of his first child - they never married.

  10. You're getting to be quite the Steve Jobs expert. I think I might listen to Small Fry on audio but not sure I will go farther than that. But I do like hearing your thoughts on all 3 books.


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