Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Silent Patient; Alex Michaelides

AUTHOR:  Alex Michaelides
PUBLISHER:  Celadon Books
PUB. YEAR: 2019
SETTING:  London
FORMAT:  -  print - my shelves ( 336 pp)
RATING: 4.5/5

I had read so much hype about this book that I wondered whether it would be a "me" book or not.  It's terrific; so happy I read it and, I was happy to read that Brad Pitt has purchased movie rights to it as well.

The story revolves around Alicia Berenson, a famous painter from London who seemed to have it all. Married to Gabriel, a well known fashion photographer, one day when her husband returns home from work, she shoots him five times, killing him and then slashing her wrists.  But why? Oddly, from the day she kills him, she never speaks a word, making this case very intriguing to the public.

Locked away at The Grove, a place for violent female offenders, she soon gains the interest of Theo Faber, a forensic psychotherapist, who is interested in unlocking the secrets hidden deep inside the "silent" Alicia.

I loved the way this story plays out. There's her diary which serves as a clever narrative to the past leading up to the day her husband is killed. There's a good deal of psychoanalytic detail as Theo works with Alicia, hoping for a breakthrough and her speaking once again.  Highly suspenseful, I liked that some of my suspicions panned out but, I didn't have it all right. Read this one if you enjoy psychological thrillers.


  1. It's so fun when you get part of the story right, isn't it? This sounds like a winner to me!

    1. It sure is Kathy. Lots of times I'm wrong but, then sometimes it clicks LOL

  2. Oh yea, that sounds like a darn good thriller!

  3. The cover on this one just creeps me out.

  4. Come to mama. Totally sounds like my thing.

  5. Diane,
    I loved this one, too, and read it earlier this year. Your review is very well done, I think. You encapsulate the salient points really well. Wish I could be as succinct!
    But, guess what?? The Stranger Diaries by Elli Griffiths is even better than The Silent Patient, in my opinion. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks Judith, Glad you liked it so much as well and can't wait to try The Stranger Diaries.

  7. This book's new to me. Excellent, concise review! It sounds like it will be a hit movie someday.

  8. What an intriguing book! I can totally see this as a movie and I might just need to read it after I've plowed through a chunk of my TBR list.

  9. I've seen this one making the rounds in the blogosphere. I'm glad that you found it gripping and that you figured some but not all of it, otherwise the author would have been too predictable. :-)


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