Monday, March 16, 2020

2 more fun kids books - Dandelion's Dream; Yoko Tanaka and Madame Badobedah; Sophie Dahl

Dandelion's Dream; Yoko Tanaka
Candlewick Press - 2020

It's dandelion season and buds are sprouting everywhere but, then the unexpected happens -- bit bit bit one of the buds sprouts into a real -- lion.

In general, I'm not a fan of wordless picture books for the very young but this one is "too cute for words." Who wouldn't like to experience the cute little lion's adventures this spring?

The charcoal colored background with bright pop's of yellow on the pages throughout made for an imaginative springtime story.

Madame Badobedah; Sophie Dahl (Illust-Lauren O'Hara
Walker Books (Candlewick Press) 2020

A story in 3 parts

Mabel is an only child and she lives the Mermaid Hotel where he dad is the manager and her mom is the "boss".  Mabel is a keen observer of all things and people.  When a feather-clad, mature guest with a growly voice arrives with a heavy suitcase, the curious Mabel, names her "Madame Badobedah".  The guest is assigned to Room 32, a room with a secret, Mabel's curious but, not allowed to enter a guest's room so she becomes - Mabel the Spy and she comes up with a theory, Madame B is a super-villain!

First and second grade readers will enjoy the visual and challenges that this charming book offers.  This book is a funny, engaging and imaginative story of friendship. Wonderful, fun illustrations as well.


  1. They both do sound good and they have cute covers!

  2. That second one looks like so much fun!

  3. Both have such wonderful illustrations; I love the pops of yellow amongst the darker background of the Dandelion book. So you remember the original Don Freeman book Dandelion? Freeman names it after the lion in my home town zoo.

  4. Madame Badobedah sounds super adorable! I'd love to read it to my daughter so it's going on my list!


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