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Book Review - The Night Always Comes; Willy Vlautin


TITLE/AUTHORThe Night Always Comes; Willy Vlautin

PUBLISHER: Harper / Harper Audio


GENRE: Fiction / Family Life /Crime 

FORMAT:  (Combo eGalley and audio download) /LENGTH: 226 pp / 6 hours and 5 min

SOURCE: NetGalley download

SETTING(s):  Oregon

ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY:  A gritty page turner about a young woman's efforts to achieve an American Dream - home ownership.

BRIEF REVIEW:  Lynette is a thirty year old woman who lives with her mother and developmentally challenged older brother.  Her goal has always been for them to own their own home and that opportunity has presented itself.  They have been living in a run-down rental home for years while Portland real estate prices have skyrocketed. Now is their chance, their landlord has offered them a deal on the house they now live in.  Lynette is excited as she's managed to save over $80,000 while working multiple jobs but, because of her bad credit she needs her mother's credit to seal the deal.  The week before they are to proceed her mother backs out and buys herself an expensive new car instead while Lynette drives an old beater that often fails to even start.

Devastated by what her mother has done yet,  she is used to being disappointed and has had more than her share of bad breaks.  She has made many bad decisions and loaned money that hasn't been repaid, now she's angry and determined to collect from all those who have taken advantage of her over the years. It's through this two day process that the reader learns about all that has happened to Lynette over the years.  The tension is fierce,  the encounters are nail-biting, the characters are flawed and story is riveting in every way.  I loved Lynette's character, so many people have let her down over the years and yes, she is deeply flawed but so determined, resilient, hard working and most of all her brother's biggest champion. This author knows how to write about blue-collar lives and about the darker side of humans.  I was so disappointed in her lazy, selfish mother who never praised or encouraged her daughter. The ending was open to interpretation, but I sent Lynette positive vibes - hoping we hear about her again in another book. Highly recommended.  The audio was excellent as well, read by Christine Lakin.  Can you tell I loved this one?

RATING:  5/5 stars


  1. That sounds like a really good one, we already feel sorry for Lynette.

  2. I feel for Lynette. And man, frustrated for her. This sounds like a difficult read, though.

  3. Isn't it great to encounter a book that you absolutely love and that speaks to you? Obviously, this one did that for you.

  4. This sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. Great review! I love when book lovers find books they truly love! I'm going to look for a copy.

  6. Wow great. So glad you reviewed this one! It does sound gritty, and nail-biting. I'm on the print wait list for it.

  7. Such an interesting concept to learn about the characters through collecting her debts for a good cause. This one sounds good.

  8. The cover hints at something dark. I would be totally frustrated to be in Lynette's position.

  9. So glad you loved this one. I think he is an awesome writer.

  10. Oh excellent review! I don't know why I keep thinking of this as a creepy/scary story. Must be the glowing window! Really want to read this one!

  11. This sounds like such an intense read! I'll have to look for it. Thanks, Diane.


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