Wednesday, December 1, 2021

(4) great children's books for Christmas: Winter Lullaby; Dianne White; Where's Waldo? Santa Spotlight Search; Martin Handford; Bake, Make and Learn to Cook; David Atherton and We Are One: How the World Adds Up; Susan Hood

Christmastime means book buying time for many people.  Instead of all the toys I always try to add a few kid pleasing books to my holiday list.  These (4) I'm featuring are so well done IMO. 

Winter Lullaby; Dianne White (Ill. Ramona Kaulitzski)
(Ages 4-8) Releases date - 12/8/2021 - Candlewick Press

The weather is changing, gray sky and cold winds have begun. Mama Bear is trying to convince Small Bear that it is time to prepare for a long winter's sleep.  Small Bear isn't convinced and still wants to play with chipmunk, hare, raccoon, skunk and badger.   Patient and reassuring Mama Bear show Small Bear how each are preparing for a long cold winter's sleep as they prepare their cozy, sheltered nests.  At last Small Bear understands that when spring comes and the days are brighter, he will be able to play with his old friends once again.

A lovely story of a mama's love. This book has the perfectly detailed  nature scenes which show the slight color changes as winter turns to spring.  I loved the gentle story told in rhyme; a beautiful book.

Candlewick Press - 2021 (ages 5-9)

With Christmas right around the corner, comes a great activity book to keep the kiddos busy by trying to find Santa -- the right Waldo Santa that is --it's not always as easy as it seems. To add to the fun there is a cool glow wand that helps to spot the Santa in the dark.  In addition to searching for Waldo Santa and his friends searches there are puzzles, games and more.  There is a special pocket that will hopefully keep the glow wand from getting lost. The hardcover construction and larger size make this a delightful gift and one that even older kids might enjoy trying out their super sleuth skills at.

David Atherton (Ill. Rachel Stubbs)
Release Date - 12/8/2021 - Candlewick Press
(ages 5-9)

David Atherton, Winner of the 2019 British Baking Show has written a great book for young, beginner cooks. This book is great and contains a glossary of easy to understand cooking terms, measurements and equipment that will be need. There are so many recipes to try and the illustrations and recipe names are sure to tempt kids into wanting to try each one.

Here are just some of the recipes featured:
  • Purple smoothies
  • Banana Bear pancakes
  • breakfast jars
  • edible chia bowls
  • oatmeal toppers
  • scrambled egg surprise
  • teapot soup
  • snaky breadsticks
  • Octo Pizzas
  • Easy-peasy pot pies
  • Hummus Lion
  • sushi shapes
  • Fruity Jelly jars
  • Peanut Butter Bones for dogs
  • Sweetie Birthday Cake
  • Mega chocolaty cake
Beginning cooks are sure to be thrilled with this book as will their supervising adults.  Well organized and terrific illustrations as well. Highly recommended.

We are One: How the World Adds Up; Susan Hood (Ill. Linda Yan)
Candlewick - 2021  - (ages 3-7)

This book accomplishes an important thing -- how does "one" fit into the bigger picture.  Using understandable terms and concepts small children will learn that although they may be small, they are an important part of everything around us.  The book's message "we are one" - but, one is a part of everything. From Ten to One the author demonstrates example of "one" being a part of something greater - For example: Ten pins in bowling, Nine Supreme Court Justices, Eight Limbs on an Octopus, Seven Days of the week etc..

The book can be read as rhyme with additional details for a more in depth conversation on each page.  This book with its lovely illustrations is beautiful and important in helping little ones understand just how important they are to everything else in the world.  Highly recommended.

Thanks go to Candlewick Press for providing me with these lovely books in exchange for my unbiased reviews.


  1. They all look perfect for a child. I'm giving my great granddaughter a lot of books for Christmas, even though she can't read yet.

    1. Books are the perfect gift for children and adults (well, if you know the adult's taste in books -that is.)

  2. Those look terrific. I didn't know Waldo was still around, I thought someone found him!

    1. Waldo seems to escape for various holidays - he showed up for spooky Halloween as well:)

  3. I had to look up David Atherton but I liked him very much on the show! I need to find that one. It looks fun. Winter Lullaby looks like my favorite kind of children's book.

    1. Winter Lullaby was gorgeous and a nice story for sure. The Atherton book was one my granddaughter fell in love with. Unique recipes -kid pleaser.

  4. Books make such wonderful gifts and these all look precious.

    1. I do lobe giving and receiving books. Sometimes it's difficult like when people don't update their wish lists LOL

  5. These look like great children's books. I love giving books for Christmas and am giving more this year than I ever have!

    1. Books make a perfect gift if you know the taste of the individual.

  6. A big yes to Make, Bake, and Learn to Cook. That looks fantastic, and I can think of lots of kids who would love to get that one.

    1. Deb, that one is so well done and one to please younger wanna be cooks and their parents too.


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