Wednesday, August 27, 2008

127 - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee; Rebecca Miller

When I heard this book was going to be a movie, I moved it to the top of my TBR list. The book description had me smiling and I was looking forward to getting to know Pippa Lee a little better.

Fifty-year-old Pippa lives a contented life with her much older husband, Herb. However, everything changes when Herb announces that they are leaving Manhattan for a retirement community. Unsettled in her new home, Pippa begins sleepwalking through life—literally. She catches herself on a security camera cooking and eating while unconscious, then finds evidence that her somnambulist self has taken up smoking. In light of her erratic behavior, Pippa reconsiders the life she has built for herself and the example she is setting for her two grown children: raised by a pill-addicted mother, Pippa ran away from home at 17 and struggled with drugs, abusive relationships and her own feelings of guilt before looking for redemption in the family that she now worries is falling apart.

I really suspected that I would find myself rooting for Pippa along the way, as I felt a small part of myself in her. Unfortunately, half way through the book, I found Pippa, and the book to be annoying, and I could not wait to finish it. I did not really enjoy the writing style, and the story line makes me think this one is more suited for the big screen than for the written word.

Completed - 8/27/08 - Rating 3/5

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