Saturday, August 2, 2008



July is through and so is the July Book Blowout. My personal goal was to read (12) specific books in July, and although I read (19) books, I only read (10) from my list. Mrs. S has asked us to complete her survey regarding the challenge. Here are my answers:

  1. How many books did you challenge yourself to read? 12
  2. How many books did you actually read? 10
  3. Did taking part in the challenge get you to read more? No, but it did get me to read the books that I really wanted to read for some time.
  4. Did you take part in the mini-challenges? No.
  5. Would you like to take part in another book blowout? Yes.
  6. What was your favorite book read during the challenge? I had two perfect reads: Molola'i; Brennert and Oxygen; Cassella.
  7. Did you discover a new author? I discovered 8 new authors (so great to me).
  8. Where was the most unusual place you found yourself reading?Nothing unusual here: my deck, my bed, my favorite chair.
  9. If you won the Amazon voucher, what would you spend it on? Depending on the amount, so many many things: books, more books, a wireless printer.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Publish Post----
1. Moloka'i' Alan Brennert - 5/5
2. Nice To Come Home To; Flowers- 4.5/5
3. Lace Reader; Barry- 4/5
4. Beach House; Jane Green - 4/5
5. December; Winthrop - 4/5
6. Spend Till the End; Kotlikoff - 3/5
7. Traveling Light; Kittle
8. Apologizing To Dogs; Coomer - 4/5
9. Wednesday Sisters; Clayton
10. Oxygen; Casella 5/5
11. The Condition; Haigh 4.5/5
12. Last Beach Bungalow; Nash 4/5

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