Tuesday, April 21, 2009

62 - Santa Fe Rules; Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods has been a hit or miss author for me, although some of his earlier books were my favorites. My husband and I listened to Santa Fe Rules (1992) on a short trip, and it made the drive fly by.

In this story movie producer Wolf Willett is shocked beyond belief when he finds himself stranded in the Grand Canyon, and reads about his own death, having been reported in a major newspaper. The article states that he was a victim in a triple homicide during a three-some with his wife and a friend, at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But who is the deceased that was believed to be Wolf, and why can't Wolf remember anything about the night in question?

When Wolf is arrested, and then yet another murder occurs, Wolf hires a top level criminal attorney, Ed Eagle, to help clear his name. Hopefully, this will happen before Wolf ends up dead for real.
The reader of this audio book was great, and the story was fun to listen to with lots of twists and turns. Unfortunately, both of us felt that the loose ends were tied up too quickly, and the ending seemed contrived.

RATING - 3/5 - COMPLETED - 4/21/09


  1. I haven't read anything by Stuart Woods, although I did have a chance to meet him a couple of years ago. The amount of writing he can get done in a short amount of time is phenomenal.

  2. I love Stuart Woods, he is one of my faves, but the Ed Eagle series is by far his weakest.

  3. I am jealous your husband will listen to books in the car with you. I wish Issac would! :-) I haven't read any Stuart Woods yet but do have a few here. Have heard his books are good.


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