Thursday, April 30, 2009

April in a Nutshell

I apologize for be absent lately, but we moved this week and needless to say things have been very hectic these last few weeks, and will probably remain so for another week at least. Our move went smoothly, and we LOVE our new place (the pets are still adjusting :)) We are thrilled to be close to family again, but I am sure that will cut into my reading time a bit (well worth it though).

April was a good month for me (except for the last week). I liked most of the (12) books that I read in April. I visited many wonderful new places and a few familiar places too. I visited India and England. I also saw some more of the United States: Idaho, New York, Wyoming, New Mexico, Washington, DC, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan.

By Title: APRIL

The Weight of Heaven; Umrigar - 5/5 - review copy
54. In Hovering Flight; Hinnefeld - 4/5
55. Run for Your Life; Patterson - 3/5
56. The Distance Between Us; Yates - 4.5/5
57. Dog on It; Spencer - 4/5 - review copy
58. The Cradle; Somerville - 3/5 - review
59. Pursuit; Robards - 4/5
60. Murder Most Frothy; Coyle - 4/5
61. The Daily Coyote; Stockton - 4/5 (audio)
62. Santa Fe Dead; Woods - 3/5 (audio)
63. Almost Home; Jenoff - 4/5 - review copy
64. Heat; Stuart Woods - 2.5/5 (audio)

Favorite Books of the Month

Challenge Progress - 2009:

  • Total Books Read in 2009 - 64
  • 100+ Books Challenge for 2009 - 64/100
  • New Authors Challenge for 2009 - 42/50
  • A - Z Challenge for 2009 - 20/26
  • Support Your Local Library Challenge for 2009 - 38/50
  • Read Your Own Books Challenge for 2009 - 27/100
  • John Steinbeck Mini Challenge – 1/2
  • Spiritually Speaking Challenge - 3/6
  • Spring Reading Thing Challenge – 14/15
  • War Through the Generations Challenge - 2/5
  • Cozy Mystery Challenge - 2/6

How did you enjoy your month?


  1. Moving is stressful, especially while you're still unpacking and trying to find things, but being near family is the best!!
    You've had a great month even with the move. Are you still in New England?

  2. Your new home is beautiful! And it's right on the sea!!! Is your room in one of the towers?!? ;) Glad to read that your move went well. I hope you all are happy there.

    What book took you to Michigan? I may have known at one time, but it has escaped me at the moment. :)

    BTW - I did get a copy of The Weight of Heaven and I'm reading it now. So far, so good.

  3. I enjoyed my month. My books are listed on my blog. You did read some good books.

  4. You are doing so great this year!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great month book-wise even with the move. Hope everything settles down soon and you can relax.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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