Tuesday, June 23, 2009

93 - Die for You; Lisa Unger

Isabel Raine was single and a successful writer until she was swept off her feet by Marcus Raine. The two marry without knowing very much about each other. Marcus is charming, handsome and career driven. One morning Marcus kisses his wife goodbye, heads off to work, and disappears. At first Isabel simply thinks her husband is working late and forgot to call, when her calls go to his voice mail, but then a mysterious call from his phone to her, sparks fear and she tries to get the police involved.

At first the police do not take the disappearance seriously, as according to them “men disappear all the time”, for lots of reasons. Isabel is desperate to locate her husband, and soon is on a mission to find out more. Before long she finds herself hospitalized with a head injury after a surprise attack. The FBI raid her husband’s office and, soon it becomes clear that there is a lot more that Isabel does not know about the man she is married to.

Die for You: A Novel, by Lisa Unger, will have you holding your breath and anxiously turning the pages to find out more about the mysterious disappearance of Marcus Raine. With lots of twist and turns along the streets of New York City, and then again in the city of Prague, Isabel is determined to find her husband despite the risks she faces along the way. Die for You is an great thriller which kept me engaged, and guessing along the way. Recommended

I also enjoyed: Beautiful Lies (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) and, Sliver of Truth: A Novel, by this author. Her other thriller, Black Out (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard), is on my shelf waiting to be read soon. Give this talented author a try if you enjoy suspenseful thrillers.

RATING – 4/5 - COMPLETED – 6/22/09
Where From: Library


  1. I love fast paced books like that!

  2. Thanks for the review I have this on my pile to read. Hopefully I will get to it this month. Nice to know that its fast paced. Will make a great road trip book for when we got out of town this week.

  3. From this review, I'm going to be calling my sister to let her know about this novel - sounds like her cup of tea!

  4. I really don't read enough thrillers and this sounds great :-)

  5. This sounds pretty awesome. I'm going to have to read one of her books soon!! Loved your review and the style of your post!


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