Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Salon - June 14th

I'm actually composing my Sunday Salon post on Friday, as this weekend we are off to Philadelphia to visit friends and family. On Sunday we will see the Boston Red Sox and The Philadelphia Phillies play at Citizen's Park. Both teams are in FIRST place in the divisions so it should be an interesting game. Hubby is from Philadelphia, but likes the Boston Red Sox too (since we live in New England), but I have a feeling he'll be rooting for the Phillies, while my heart belongs to BOSTON. (I'm not much of a sports nut except for baseball). Hubby on the other hand is into all sports.

I have not spoken about this is the past as I can't say much yet, but my daughter is co-authoring a knitting book which will be published in late Spring 2010. It's her first book, and it was picked up with the first top publisher they submitted the proposal to. She is a self taught knitter who has been knitting for just 3-4 years. She has created some beautiful designs and patterns. We are so proud of her. The final projects for the book will be submitted at the end of this month and then they will arrange for a photo shoot. Meanwhile she and her co-author are off this weekend to Ohio for a PBS filming on knitting (also be be aired in 2010).

We've had lots of rain this week, and spent a lot of time indoors reading as a result. I'm also working on some ideas for a giveaway celebrating my upcoming (1) year anniversary with my blog. I've never had a giveaway so I'll do a little research and be back in touch. (Suggestions appreciated)

I hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Congrats on your daughter's knitting book. I am not a knitter myself and have never learned how to do it ;o)

    We have had a lot of rain her in Denmark the past days as well, but today (Sunday early afternoon) it looks like it is finally clearing up a bit.

    Hope you had a great trip to Boston.

  2. That is SO exciting about your daughter's publication date! I currently do not knit, but it is definitely something that I have considered trying for the last few years.

    I am a baseball fan myself (although I hate to tell you my favorite team as it is the arch enemy of the Red Sox). I hope you had great weather in Philly and the game was fun and exciting to watch.

  3. Congrats on your upcoming one year blogiversary and also congrats to your daughter with her book.

    (and Go Cards. ;)

  4. Contratulations to your daughter!

    Did you hear? We did $1006.50 at the Friends of the Library book sale.

  5. That is so cool about your daughters knitting book! I've always wanted to try knitting but have never taken the time to learn.

  6. WOW how exciting! A published book! You must be sooooo proud. I know I would be. Congratulations

  7. I hope you enjoyed the game, Diane! I love going to baseball games. :-)

    How exciting for your daughter! You must be so proud of her. :-)

    I hope you are enjoying your week.


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