Monday, June 22, 2009

Musing Mondays - Library Borrowing

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library borrowing…

Do you restrict yourself on how many books you take out from the library at a time? Do you borrow books if you already have some out? Do you always reborrow books you don’t get to?

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I don't limit myself as to how many books I take out. Thank goodness my new library sets a limit of (10) books per patron to be put on reserve (20 in my case since I use my husband's library card as well :) My last library had an unlimited reserves policy, and I was "out of control", with as many as 60 books on reserve. I am weak what else can I say?

Unfortunately, receive quite a few review books so I don't get to read everything I take out (new books go out for only 2 weeks; all others 3 weeks). I have been known to take out the SAME book again if I did not read it the first time. If I have not read it a second time, though I add it to my personal wish list (that's another story in itself) to possibly buy in the future. I do feel sorry for me own lonely books just sitting there hoping to be read. I really do want to read them, and told my husband I plan to stop sleeping soon, just so I can read more! I could never live without 7 hours of sleep so that one is out too :(


Today I started reading Die for You: A Novel, by Lisa Unger. If you like a good thriller that sucks you in from the first few pages, try this one.

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  1. I'm always so envious of people whose library system allows them both a reserve list AND a wish list - sometimes I know I want to read a book at the library but I don't necessarily want to request it right then and there because I already have too many books to read, but I don't want to forget about it.

    I find that whenever I go to the library, I strangely restrain myself a lot more than I do in the used bookstore. In the library, all of a sudden I can no longer remember what it is that makes up my MASSIVE TBR pile and draw a blank. Also, I know I have the proclivity to immediately lose interest in books when I bring them home from the library, so I tend to only take out 3 - 4 books on a given trip. I'm completely ok with returning books unread, as I know that they'll be there waiting for me in the future when the time is right.

  2. I get to reserve books that have long waits. We can have 20 books out at a time and I am usually at my limit.

  3. I so love my library.

    We have a reserve list and a wish list option.

    You can reserve up to 20 books

    Not quite sure the max books you can check out - but I have had up to 20 books checked out.

    A book is checked out for 3 weeks - can be renewed 2x, if no one else has requestd. Book is renewed for an additional 1 week on the date that you request the renewal.

    I have not used the "mail" feature - where they will mail the reserve books to you. I live only 2blocks from the library but do have to drive the library as it is off the state highway from where I live so cannot walk as I would like.

    Because of being able to reserve books and my local branch does not tend to have many books in my preferred genre - I tend to go to the library to pu & drop off books - I do not browse my local branch library.

  4. I am hopeless when it comes to the library. I take out stacks and stacks of books, half of which I don't have time to read. I bring a few back, get a few more. It is never ending. I will take out a book I really really want to read, but get busy so I just keep taking it out over and over. Yes, I am a crazy woman!

  5. My library has a max of 20 for the queue. Unfortunately I have to share that with hubby since he does not have his own library card.
    I wish the library would restrain me on how many books I can check out. I frequently that books back unread. I do try to check them out again.
    Great question!

  6. I have so many books waiting to be read (I mostly get from Paperback Swap) that I can't justify a trip to the library...and then you have the pressure of reading within a certain time frame! ARGH!

  7. My library just went to a reserve limit of 10 books in order to help cut expenses. I can live with that because my hold all come in at the same time!

  8. I went to the library to borrow three books but came away with six! I listed them as Library Loot, but I plan to read them all in the next few weeks!

  9. I thought I was being greedy by taking out six books, but I see that's not too many if the library allows 10!

  10. I only take out DVDs and audio books. I can't seem to meet the deadlines for the print books :)

  11. I definitely re-borrow books as I never seem to finish library books on time! ha. But I do try to limit the amount too. Usually I don't want more than 5 even though my library lets us check out up to 40.


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