Saturday, June 2, 2012

A House in the Woods; Inga Moore

Candlewick Press 2011
(an awesome book for kids)

I've been meaning to post a review of this children's book for a while. Everything about it made me smile.  It's one to add to my list for purchase.

A House in the Woods  is a story about animals learning to live in harmony.  You see there were (2) little pigs that made a comfortable den and hut for themselves in the forest, and they were quite happy there. One day when the two friends went out for a walk, a bear and a moose, founds the pigs homes quite comfortable.  Of course since a moose and a bear are much bigger than tiny pigs, their homes were destroyed, and now all (4) animals were without a place to live.

Moose had an idea, why not build a new house that all (4) of them could live in?  They enlisted the help of Beaver Builders to help gather the lumber. Beavers requested that they be paid in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Beavers felled the trees and the other animals helped with the building.  The result == all the animals were able to live in harmony, each had a comfy place to sleep, and the beavers were thrilled to see their hard work was rewarded.

The story is sweet, the water-color-like illustrations done by the author are beautiful.  It's one of those great children's books that you will be happy to read over and over again to your little ones.

5/5 stars


  1. Hooray, living in harmony is the best!

  2. I love everything about this book!! That cover is so stinkin' delightful, who could resist it???

  3. what a cute cover..I would buy it for that alone.

  4. This looks and sounds very charming. Terrific review, Diane!

  5. Wish I could have paid for my house in PB&J!

    This looks adorable.

  6. That does look cute! And the cover just invites you to open up the book.

  7. Are you building a library, Grandma?!

  8. At first I thought this was a Laura Ingalls Wilder book (and I love them all), but this still sounds terrific!

  9. I love that they get paid in peanut butter sandwiches - if only real banks were that easily satisfied...


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