Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Finds: By Chance, Martin Corrick

By Chance, Martin Corrick By Chance is both suspenseful and thought-provoking, a philosophical tale that is rivetingly readable. 'The events that resulted in Bolsover's presence at the Alpha Hotel are closely related to his memories of his wife. James Watson Bolsover is an apparently normal middle-aged man, a shy yet soulful engineer turned technical writer who for many years shared a passionate marriage with his lovely wife, Katherine. Bolsover's wife and his deep interest in his work made his life perfect, but then - by chance, misfortune, bad luck - he lost Katherine and, with her, his innocence. Now he travels by sea to a remote island and checks into what seems to be an ordinary hotel; in this safe haven he hopes to understand the past and start afresh. But we quickly discover that all of the hotel's occupants, like Bolsover himself, have uncertain histories: All of them are 'someone else, seeking to leave their former lives behind. As Bolsover grows accustomed to his new surroundings and close to a new woman the truth of his life trickles out like blood from a wound. He is not quite the simple fellow he seems, but a man who has carefully shielded his own history not only from others but also from himself. Culpability, identity, morality, and luck - all these play a part in a story that echoes our own lives. Writing in terse, elegant, and irresistible prose, Martin Corrick proves himself a new British master. By Chance is an unforgettable novel that combines intelligence with emotion, and lingers in the mind.


  1. I hope this Friday Finds meme catches on. All of your finds are fiction. My one find is nonfiction.

    Here's my Friday Find(s).

  2. Oooo, sounds promising! I love your header photo, what/where is it?

  3. Ooh! That sounds really interesting. It almost (almost) sounds as if there is a hint of suspense in the novel. What a great find!

    My find(s) are: The Unit & Living Dead Girl

  4. This sounds like something I'd like. I love the cover, too!


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