Friday, November 28, 2008

191 - A Virgin River Christmas; Robyn Carr

Although I really do not read many romance novels, every once in a while, a feel good story is just what I need. Last month I read Robyn Carr's: Virgin River (#1 in a series), and really enjoyed the story. So much so, that I purchased: book #2 - Shelter Mountain, and Book #3 - Whispering Rock. I haven't read them yet.

A Virgin River Christmas
, is Book #4 of the series, however, I don't think I missed anything reading this one out of sequence.

In this story we meet Marcie Sullivan for lost her young husband Bobby last Christmas. This Christmas she sets out for Virgin River with very little money in her pocket. She has gone to Virgin River to find Ian Buchanan, a fellow Marine of Bobbys, who saved his life by dragging his shattered body in Fallujah for years earlier. By this heroic act, Marcie was able to be with in her life Bobby for three more years.

Since then Ian has seemed to have gone missing, and Marcie's letters to him have gone unanswered. Marcie tracks Ian down in the tiny mountain town and finds an emotionally wounded man. She pushes her way into his reclusive life and finds a kind, but damaged soul beneath hiss rough exterior. And, of course, Christmas is the season of miracles, and in Virgin River, that is no exception.

The story was a predictable, but I still enjoyed the book very much.

RATING - 4/5 - COMPLETED - 11/27/08

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