Wednesday, October 22, 2008

169 - Too Close To Home; Linwood Barclay

When I learned Linwood Barclay had a new book out I couldn't wait to read it, as his last book, No Time for Goodbye, was excellent. His latest book, Too Close To Home, gives the reader one roller coaster of a ride.

In this book we are introduced to the Cutter family, whose next door neighbors, the Langleys, are gunned down in their own home one hot August night. A night when the Cutter's son Derek happened to be hiding in the Langley's basement, waiting for the family to leave for the weekend. Derek was planning on using the vacant home to entertain his girlfriend. While he is waiting for his girlfriend Penny to arrive, the Langleys return unexpectedly as Mrs Langley is ill, and the trip gets canceled. Unable to get out of the house in time, Derek hides in a crawl space in the basement waiting for the family to go to bed so he can escape. Instead intruders arrive and shoot and kill Mr and Mrs Langley and their son Adam, a friend of Dereks, while he is still in the basement.

Why did something like this happen? The town of Promise Falls in upstate New York is a sleepy place. The Cutters try to console themselves by saying that this had to be a random act, but did the killers perhaps go to the wrong house? Little by little, it seems everyone has something to hide. Don't miss this book if you enjoy a good thriller.

RATING - 4.5/5 - COMPLETED - 10/22/08

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