Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My October Stack

It's hard to believe October is here already. This month's stack should be interesting. I've been looking forward to reading all of the books pictured, (and a few others). Many are for my challenges, so hopefully, this month will accomplish two goals, (pleasure and purpose)......always a bonus. I know I will not finish all of these, but I can dream :)
  1. Ghosts Among Us; Van Praagh - (R.I.P. III) - 4/5
  2. Fractured; Slaughter - (R.I.P. III Challenge) and (Fall Into Reading Challenge) - 4/5
  3. Every Dead Thing; Connolly (R.I.P. III Challenge)
  4. Exit Wounds; JA Jance
  5. (not shown) Grace; Evans
  6. Perfect Family; Lewis - (Unknown Authors Challenge) - 4/5
  7. Goldengrove; Prose - (Fall Into Reading Challenge) - 4/5
  8. Death Angel - (Fall Into Reading Challenge)
  9. The Necklace; Jarvis - (Fall Into Reading Challenge) - 4/5
  10. House and Home; McCleary
  11. The Bible Salesman; Edgerton - (Fall Into Reading Challenge)
  12. Dewy: The Library Cat Who Touched the World; Myron (What An Animal Challenge)
  13. The Association; Little (R.I.P. III Challenge)
  14. (not shown) - Do Dead People Watch You Shower?; Bertoldi - 5/5
  15. (not shown)-The Numerati; Baker - (Fall Into Reading Challenge) - 5/5
  16. Black Swan Green; Mitchell (What an Animal Challenge)
  17. (not shown) - Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (What An Animal Challenge)
  18. Fleece Navidad; Sefton - (Fall Into Reading Challenge)
  19. The Seamstress; Peebles
  20. A Country Called Home; Barnes
  21. In Hovering Flight; Hinnenfeld
  22. Death With Interruptions; Saramago
  23. Virgin River; Carr (A-Z Challenge) and (Unknown Authors Challenge)
  24. (not shown) - Hot Mahogany; Stuart Woods - 3/5
  25. (not shown) - Purple Hibiscus; Adichie

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  1. Oh I'm just dying to read Dewey but I'm going to wait til xmas cause I asked for it as a gift.


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