Tuesday, February 3, 2009

20 - The Secret; Rhonda Byrne

The bad news: this book in my opinion, it pure nonsense!
The good news: I only paid $1.00 for it at a book sale.

I will say that both the book and the dvd were very well marketed, and even promoted by OPRAH. To me, it appears that Byrne did not even write the book, but merely edited it. She quotes from over 20 different modern day teachers who have supposedly achieved wealth and happiness.

What is The Secret? Rhonda Byrne says that it is The Law of Attraction ---whatever is going on in your mind--- if the thoughts are positive, those thoughts will be like a magnet that will pull everything good to you.

The process:
  • Ask, Believe, Receive
  • Want more money, find the perfect mate, have a new house, new car, or huge raise: ask for it, believe you're going to get, and you'll get it --yeah right!
  • You can create your own perfect health and eternal youth --what about genetics?
Conversely, all bad things happen because you dwell on the thought too much.
According to Byrne - we get in life what we think about, because our mind sends messages to the Universe.

So is that how some children fall victim to abuse? They thought about it too much, or is that why some people get cancer? They thought about it too much? How crazy is that? If all we had to do was ASK for a cure for cancer BELIEVE it would happen and then RECEIVE it, doesn't it seem like many many people would have been miraculously cured, and we would hear about it.

Sadly, there are no magic answers to why some things happen in life. "Wishing doesn't make it so", and if you wished for something and it did not happen, then the author tells us it's because we really did not BELIEVE it would happen!

Very disappointing. Save your money, and borrow this book from the library if you still want to read it.

RATING - 1/5 - COMPLETED - 2/3/09
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  1. This idea, the idea promoted by The Secret, just makes me so mad. It's all the person 'fault' if bad things happen and all because of them that good things happen. Garbage...and the fact that so many people would buy into it...uuuurrgghhh indeed.

  2. I know! I had the same reaction to this book; poverty, illness, abuse - they are all the fault of the victim, no reference at all to socioeconomic, historical, cultural etc. reasons for anything.

  3. I haven't read this one, but I never got the hype over it.

  4. This book just started becoming a huge hit when I worked at Borders and I was absolutely amazed at the lengths people went to get it. Then I looked at it and I knew it was complete nonsense. Thanks for the review, hoprfully it will save some people money and disappontment.


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