Tuesday, August 11, 2009

124 - The Idea of Love; Louise Dean

Okay I admit it, it was the lovely cover art that attracted me to this book; it's spectacular.

In The Idea of Love, two couples on the surface seem to be living to good life in Provence. They enjoy the fun, the sun, and sometimes the alcohol a bit too much. Underneath the surface, their life is less than happy.

Richard is a self-centered pharmaceutical sales representative, who is headed for Africa to introduce anti-depressant drugs to this virgin market. He leaves his beautiful but somewhat distant wife Valerie in Provence. Also headed for Africa is Richard's neighbor, Rachel who has big dreams of helping the less fortunate by starting an orphanage in Africa. Rachel, leaves her cheating husband Jeff, home in Provence and goes off alone.

When Richard later returns to Provence, he finds his wife has taken off with Jeff, and Rachel has decided to go back to London with her daughter. Richard then begins a downward spiral into mental illness, and ironically will be prescribed the very drugs he spent years legally pushing.

I found The Idea of Love to be full of self-absorbed, highly unlikable characters. The writing although good, was not a style that I enjoyed. All in all this book, despite its pretty cover, was somewhat disappointing.

RATING - 3/5; COMPLETED - 8/11/09; My Stacks (review)


  1. That cover is indeed lovely. I used to collect those old greeting cards, from my parents, from garage sales. Don't know where they went, I've lost them.

  2. I'm attracted to the cover too - it looks like an old fashioned valentine. Too bad the story almost sounds like a soap opera.

  3. It sounds like it could have been a really good story (although a bit melodramatic) but for the characters. Sorry you didn't like this one. I know now that this one's not for me. Thanks!

  4. I would have been attracted to the cover too, although I think I might have put the book back down, thinking that it's not what I usually read.

  5. I have to admit too, I was attracted to read your review by being attracted to the cover!!!


    The story sounds interesting; it's too bad the characters have no redeeming qualities!

  6. I like the cover too but I'm sorry that the story didn't meet your expectations. I'll be sure the steer away from this one!!


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