Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 Christmas / Holiday Reading List Anyone?

I always look forward to a few holiday reads to get me into the spirit of the season. So while browsing for some "coming soon" holiday titles, I was shocked to find new 27 titles.....and there are probably more that I missed.

Do any of these appeal to you?

  1. A Perfect Christmas; Debbie Macomber (9/2009)
  2. The Winter Man; Diana Palmer (9/2009)
  3. Lakeshore Christmas; Susan Wiggs (9/2009)
  4. The Christmas List; Richard Paul Evans (10/2009)
  5. The Christmas Promise; Anne Perry (10/2009)
  6. The Christmas Secret; Donna Van Liere (10/2009)
  7. A Week in December; Sebastian Faulks (10/2009)
  8. The Christmas Dog; Melody Carlson (10/2009)
  9. Christmas Jars Reunion; Jason Wright (10/2009)
  10. Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle; Jason Wright (10/2009)
  11. A Creed Country Christmas; Linda Miller (10/2009)
  12. Angel Time; Anne Rice (10/2009)
  13. Home for Christmas; Andrew Greeley (10/2009)
  14. Home in Time for Christmas; Heather Graham (10/2009)
  15. Plum Pudding Murder; Joanne Fluke (10/2009)
  16. You Better Not Cry; Augusten Burroughs (10/2009)
  17. Holiday Grind; Cleo Coyle (11/1009)
  18. The Gift; Cecelia Ahearn (11/2009)
  19. Merry Merry Ghost; Carolyn Hart (11/2009)
  20. The Body in the Sleigh; Katherine Page (11/2009)
  21. Santa in a Stetson; Janet Daily (11/2009)
  22. Matchless: A Christmas Story; Gregory Maguire (11/2009)
  23. Angel Lane; Sheila Roberts (11/2009)
  24. A Blue and Gray Season; Joan Medlicott (11/2009)
  25. Knit the Season; Kate Jacobs (11/2009)
  26. A Wish for Christmas; Thomas Kincade (11/2009)
  27. A Quilter's Holiday; Jennifer Chiaverini (11/2009)
Can anyone add more holiday titles to this list? I'm looking for a few more mysteries.


  1. The Tavern At Maple Street by Sharon Owens is a lovely Christmas book. I read it last Christmas and it was lovely.

  2. LOL, you beat me to the punch! I've been thinking about this too, becasue I LOVE Christmas books!

    27?!? I shall be in Heaven! (though I"m suspicious of the Christmas Jars Reunion...what will that be about?)

  3. I love Holiday reading!
    I've been wanting to read "Knit the Season" since I first saw in on Amazon, but I haven't even read the previous books by Kate Jacobs, so I'll have to wait a little!

  4. Oh I love Christmas/Holiday reads. Thanks for the listing of coming novels.

  5. Oh no! I need to get through back-to-school before I can think about holidays - LOL!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading "The Gift" by Cecelia Ahern. I'm an Ahern fan- she's young (my age!!!!) yet so accomplished in women's fiction, my favourite genre. Currently her book "A Place Called Here" is on my TBR list.

  7. There are several authors on there that I love!! Can't wait to read some of these when the snow starts to fall!!

  8. Oh my, I did not know Kate Jacobs had a new one coming out. I'll have to look into that one. Other than that I have a pile of Debbie Macomber Christmas ones I intend to read this Christmas finally.

  9. I might try Matchless when it comes out.

  10. We Wish You a Merry Murder is by Valerie Woltzein, since you are looking for mysteries. I haven't read it yet, so I can't comment on it's being good or not.

  11. Oh no, I found at least 5 on that list that I must have. Right now I have 2 bookcase shelves full of Christmas books. Do I really need more? YES!

    I'm going to have to read through all these comments and find more to add to my list.

  12. Wow, that's quite the list. I haven't made a holiday reading list yet, although I'm tempted. My only problem is that my ever growing TBR list is in the way... sort of. =)

  13. May I recommend "Decked with Folly" by Kate Kingsbury. It is a mystery, part of a special Christmas series, like Anne Perry, and absolutely enjoyable. I read the rest of her series because I enjoyed the christmas books so much.


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