Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Salon - 8-30-09

Well, we have one more holiday weekend to enjoy before summer is over. For me summer is not over on 9/21 (first day of fall), summer has always been over when the tourists go home. If you live near the beach in New England, some of the best beach weather can be found in the next 5 weeks. The beaches are not crowded, and the weather is usually glorious.

As I've gotten older, I don't spend time baking in the sun anymore (been there done that from age 13 up until a few years ago). Anyone remember using iodine and baby oil to fry yourself like a lobster when you were young? Fortunately, I am not fair skinned, so although my body has seen sun damage caused by 35 years of sun over exposure, it could be a lot worse if I had burned instead of tanned. --why didn't i listen to my mother back then?

Now about books....I bought (4) new books by Richard Russo: Straight Man, Mohawk, Risk Pool and Nobody's Fool. I mentioning them today because, I have a large amount to post about for Mailbox Monday, so I thought I'd mention the purchase and then tuck them away (like I do with other purchases, when I buy too much at one time and feel guilty :)

While I'm talking about books, I'll mention my plans to try a new book review rating system beginning September 1st. For years, I've been using a (1-5) rating system, including (.5) where appropriate. I know when a book is a perfect (5) for me, but then it gets a bit fuzzy and subjective. Here's what I had in mind:
  • Green Face - I loved the book! (GO read it)
  • Yellow Face -Average - (Proceed with caution)
  • Red Face - Disappointing (Stop - you've been warned)
Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. I don't spend as much time in the sun these days either. I used to tan right up in the summer months when I was growing up, but nowadays I burn more readily.

    Enjoy your new books when you get to them! I liked Empire Falls quite a bit by Russo, but I haven't yet read any of his other books.

    I look forward to seeing how your new rating system works out. Love the faces. :-)

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm curious to see how you like the Russo novels! I've been seeing the name quite a bit around the blogosphere lately.

    As for buying too many books and feeling guilty, I try not to post those either :P

  3. I do like your new rating system. I didn't realise you lived in New England. It always sounds like such a beautiful place. Is it true how beautiful it is in the Fall?

  4. Sounds like a Russo binge on the horizon?? Enjoy the uncrowded beaches...

  5. here in NJ, we called them "shoobies", our summer visitors. I would happily stand out front and wave as they all drive home. "Bye, bye now...hurry home.."

    If you are curious, the term shoobies is believed to have originated in the 1920 and referred to the fact that people who would come to the beach for the day would bring their lunch in a shoebox...and often wear their shoes on the beach.

    Empire Falls is the only Russo book I own, and sadly it awaits in my TBR pile.

  6. I do like the new rating system. Five stars is always difficult for me--I can only give 5 stars if I absolutely love the book and I'm always hesitant to give too many of them.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more! Narragansett Beach is one of the best (if not THE) in our State!! I can't believe I didn't find your blog before now (or even run into at the beach for that matter lol)! Gorgeous picture for your header...I've been there many times! It was crazy the past few days to see everyone lined up at the wall just to see the huge waves!!

    Enjoy the rest of your Summer! And I can't wait to see how your new reviewing system works out for you!

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime! I'm going to follow you so yours can be a daily stop!

    xoxo Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)
    *who lives in RI*

  8. I have an award for you at:

  9. I like the new rating system - it'll be easy to remember since it's like a stop sign. I wish I had time to go to the beach right now!

  10. The new rating system sounds wonderful. I love the faces you posted - they're so cute!

    Summer is coming to an end for me soon too - I go back to school September 21st and next week I start raining to be an RA. Technically, that means that the summer freedom I was enjoying comes to an end, but still, the weather is pleasantly warm (it was actually burning hot yesterday), which makes me remember that summer is not really over yet.

    Enjoy what's left of summer and your book splurge!

  11. I've never been fond of tanning. It just doesn't appeal to me. I just keep forgetting to put sunscreen on when I go outside. I don't burn either, so it doesn't bother me, but I know I should. Working on that.

    I like your new rating system. It's cute! :)

  12. I have fair skin, so I've never been able to hang out in the sun, but a day at the beach sounds fun. :)

  13. I'm not sure - I like the rating system you use now. I guess I'll just have to see wait and see what it is like once you've used it for a while. Perhaps simplicity will be an improvement.

  14. I struggle with my rating system on a continual basis and am thinking of just not giving ratings. To be honest, they are there for me to help me remember how much I enjoyed or didn't enjoy the book but sometimes it is too hard to do. Especially when you read different types of novels and it is hard to compare them to one another.

  15. I like the new rating system. I don't tend to give an actual rating myself but I like the idea of a vague-ish one that still offers guidance to the reader.

    Hope you get the lovely autumnal weather that makes being at the beach so appealing!

  16. I remember the baby oil days! I got burnt to a crisp doing that for my senior pics. Not good. Now I cannot tolerate the sun at all.

    I love the new rating system!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you as well ;)

  17. After I burned my nose severely while an exchange student in Japan in 1987 I've given up sun worshiping! I totally understand how your area is heaven after the tourists leave. We live near a lake resort town and feel the same way. Now if only the weather would cooperate and be nice.

    I'm so loving those faces!! Clever :)

  18. I can't believe that summer is almost over! It just flew by.

    I love the faces too.


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