Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Chunkster Challenge

Thanks Nicole for Hosting this challenge. Interested? Details HERE.

This is my first time participating in the Chunkster Challenge. I really do need a challenge to motivate me to read the heftier books on my shelves, so this challenge should be perfect.  I'm in for (6), better known as Mor-Book-ly-Obese.

  1. The Winter Rose; Jennifer Donnelly (720 pages)
  2. House Rules; Jodi Picoult (532 pages/17 discs) - 5/5
  3. Into the Wilderness; Sara Donati (896 pages)
  4. South of Broad; Pat Conroy - (528 pages) - 4.5/5
  5. The House at Riverton; Kate Morton (496 pages)
  6. The Forgotten Garden; Kate Morton (560 pages)


  1. OMG! I love, love love The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. The House of Riverton is wonderful too but The Forgotten Garden just really grabbed me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  2. This is one I can handle since most Library of America books start at 750 pages, but there isn't a details link. Pretty please?

  3. Sorry Charlie....a senior moment :)

    Here is the link:


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