Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prepare to Be Shocked in 2010

I have been terrible in keeping track of just how many books I actually BUY in any given year. This year I thought about tracking my book purchases in 2010 in my journal, along with the amount of money I spent on each book (ebooks included). Stuck in a Book has designed what she calls Project 24, she is limiting herself to 24 book purchases for the year.

With that in mind, I decided that I would openly and honestly track my book purchases this year in a "personal challenge" called : Prepared To Be Shocked in 2010.  Feel free to grab the badge and track your book purchases - shock yourself in the process. (I'm only counting books that I bought after January 1, 2010 --as I made several December purchases that do not count :)

Date Purchased   Title  and Author                                Cost
  1. Jan - 2010     Beneath a Marble Sky; J. Shors          $7.23
  2. Jan - 2010     Made in the USA; B. Letts                 $4.00
  3. Jan - 2010     Reluctant Fundamentalist; Hamid        $5.47
  4. Jan - 2010     The Pearl; Steinbeck                          $ .25
  5. Feb - 2010    All Whom I Have Loved; Appelfeld     $4.99
  6. Feb - 2010    In the Convent of Little Flowers          $4.00 
  7. Feb - 2010    Fatal Cure; Robin Cook                      $ .10 
  8. Feb - 2010    (11) books Library Sale                      $6.50
  9. Feb - 2010    Random Acts of Heroic Love              $5.48
  10. Feb - 2010    The Wilderness; S. Harvey                 $9.17
  11. Feb - 2010    Arsonist's Guide to Homes in N.Eng    $4.14
  12. Feb - 2010    Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks       $14.00
  13. Feb - 2010    Father Melancholy's Daughter            $ 4.89 
  14. Mar - 2010   Brixton Beach; Roma Tearne              $ 8.30
  15. Mar - 2010   The Children's Book; A.S. Byatt        $13.36 
  16. Apr  - 2010   The Girls; Lori Lansens                     $ 4.00
  17. Apr  - 2010   Isabel's Daughter; Hendricks                4.24
  18.  Apr - 2010   Rooftops of Tehran;  Seraji                 $6.00
  19.  Apr - 2010   Rush Home Road; Lori Lansens          $5.60
  20. May - 2010  (22) books/library sale                         14.50
  21. June - 2010  (7) books/library sale                          $ 6.50
  22. July  - 2010   Hope Rising; Kim Meeder                 $10.07
  23. July  - 2010   Wrong Mother; Hannah                     $4.83
  24. July  - 2010   A Dead Hand; Paul Theroux              $5.40
  25. July  - 2010  (2) Kindle Books                                 $5.98
  26. July -  2010  Galway Bay; Kelly                             $10.70
  27. July  - 2010  The Tricking of Freya; Sunley             $ 7.03
  28. July  - 2010  Blind Hope; Meeder                          $10.07
  29. July  - 2010  Misfortune; Wesley Stace                   $ 5.77
  30. July  - 2010  Of Bees and Mist; Setiawan               $ 6.87
  31. July  - 2010  New England Knits (3 copies)           $49.41
  32. Aug - 2010   The Makioka Sisters; Tanizaki          $10.88
  33. Aug - 2010  Stieg Larsson Trilogy                         $25.50
  34. Aug - 2010  Dictionary of Literary Terms/Theory  $13.60
  35. Sept  2010   Freedom; Jonathan Franzen               $14.00
  36. Oct   2010   The Finkler Question (Kindle)             $ 5.88
  37. Oct   2010   The Little Stranger (Kindle)                 $ 9.99
  38. Nov  2010    Easter Island; Vanderbes                    $4.08
  39. Nov 2010   The Human Bobby; Gabe Rotter           $5.95
  40. Nov 2010   Outside the Ordinary World; Ostermiller  $6.99
  41. Dec 2010  The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay              $6.99

    YTD - (83  books purchased)  -  (Total Cost - $351.16)


    1. I should do this, but I'm really SCARED to. LOL.

    2. Great idea! I'll give it a try. I definitely spend less than I used to now that I run a library :-)

    3. Yikes! I don't know if I want to know how many I buy. :) Although I justify the purchases by buying used books for cheaper prices.

    4. Great idea! I went in and created a "list" on Microsoft Works, to stand alongside my other Works lists, such as Books Read in 2010, TBR stacks, and Amazon Vines/Contest Wins.

      Seems that I'm doing a lot of lists, but I like the feeling of control.

      I added this as a page in my CURL UP AND READ blog, too.

    5. I so need to keep track-I would be shocked.

    6. I started keeping track of my acquisitions the beginning of last year but I'm too chicken to post the results to my blog. LOL You're so brave, Diane!

    7. My palms are sweating just reading this challenge!!! :0)

    8. I tracked my book spending and the amount I spent was obscene. It's over 5 figures and I seriously needed a book buying ban. Have a good time with this one!

    9. A good idea! I joined Support Your Local Library Challenge - so that I won't be tempted to buy new books this year. Good luck with your counting!

    10. Diane, You are one brave woman. I have a resolution to not buy any new books that are not on my wish list already. But I know, deep down, that I will not stick to this goal. I can only try to be more careful and mindful of my book purchases.

      Maybe next year I'll plan on keeping track of the $ I spend on books. I'm just not that strong right now! heheh ;)

    11. Oh my goodness -- I LOVED the title of this post!!

      I did keep track of my book buying purchases in 2009 and it was quite illuminating. I will definitely do the same in 2010.

    12. In 2009, I didn't keep track of my purchases, either. But during the second half of the year, I started to get a lot of free books, in the mail! : )

    13. I don't think I really want to know!!

    14. I *love* the idea of this meme! But like Kristy, I'm scared too! However, this won't prevent me from voyeuristically leering at the stats of others!

    15. I second this - I really should do this, but I'm scaaaared becuase I honestly spend a fortune on books every months. It would definitely be over 1000 dollars per year and I don't think I want to final amount to give me a heart attack, lol. On the other hand, this could sober me up, so to speak, hmmmm ...

    16. I should do this too, but it would probably shock my husband more than it would shock me.

    17. What a great idea! But I don't think I could be prepared enough for the shock :)

    18. What a bunch of chickens you guys are...LOL LOL LOL (Just kidding) I'm a little scared myself but I figure by seeing the $$ mounting, it may (notice I said MAY) curb my spending!

    19. Does this include books traded at paperbackswap? If so, that number is just going to be too big.

    20. I know you big leaguer bloggers out there get books in the mail, but the collector in me likes to go to the bookstore and buy them. I think of it as a hobby like anything else. But as you know, only so much space, so that's why I have my own personal "round tuit" challenge this year.

    21. Ohh, what a great idea! Very scary though, lol. Only 24?!?! I think I may have to join in on this just to see what I actually do spend/how many I purchase. It would be tons of fun to compare with others also! Great idea!

    22. I don't know if I could cope with the shock of it. I spend far too much!

    23. I already know -- too much!

    24. What a great idea, but, alas, I am also too chicken to admit how much I spend on books. Sure, I can often justify it - most of the books were purchased used, from the clearance section, so I'm not actually spending that much on the "few" new books I buy. I'm in total denial.

    25. BTW...I spotlighted you with 2 awards -- just because!

    26. Smart plan! I pretty much only allow myself to books on paperbackswap for just that reason. Otherwise I'd never have money for anything else!

    27. I've started tracking my stats this year for the first time (number of books read, gender, language, nationality, and so forth) but it hadn't occurred to me to track the source of each book (i.e. bought, library, ARC). Thanks for the great idea!

    28. You are a brave, brave women to do this. I know my number would not only scare me, but it might convince my husband to take away my right to the checkbook! I'll live in ignorant bliss but will be cheering you on throughout the year!

    29. Great idea ... but not for me because I've instituted a book buying ban for myself in 2010. And even then I wouldn't do it because Mr. Jenners does NOT need access to this information!

    30. You guys crack me up. I'm doing this because my hubby is not a computer geek like me and he would not ever find this post tracking my book spending (nor would he most likely care). If it isn't about sports....I'm safe! paperbackswap does not count in my totals because it's really just about the price of postage in my eyes.

    31. Oh it is a scary thing you are attempting! :)

      I kept track of my book purchases last year up until the winter and then things just got kind of crazy for me and I stopped. Maybe I'll give it another try this year.

    32. What a great idea! I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I fear the one-click purchases will add up too fast. I'll vow to keep track of them and set boundaries as the months go!

    33. Count me in! I'll keep track because I'd love to see how much I really do spend. This year I'm on a tighter budget than I was last year--last year's total would have been scary!


    34. Mark, glad you are joining in. I hate been totally oblivious to my spending habits < LOL

    35. If I am able to stick to my 2010 reading resolution, it will be $0! That will truly be shocking, lol.

    36. Sounds like a great idea but I know I've already spent about $25 so...nope, no way, not gonna do it.

      I am looking forward to reading your list!

    37. This will be terrifying and definitely eye-opening. I'm sure it will be fun (and enabling) too, as we all get a peak at each others' lists!

    38. i dont know if i should do this or not...i buy all of my books...i dont go to the library and there arent a huge number of book swapping places near me who have what i want...

      it would be goo to know i suppose

    39. Larwel and Wings, I'm not trying to pressure anyone LOL -- let your conscience be your guide :)

    40. Sounds like a great idea! I'd just like to point out that I'm a 'he', not a 'she'... ;-)

    41. Truth or Dare being the same in this case LOL I might accept the challenge! Update after December 31st ;)

    42. I have actually returned to the library with a vengeance this year. My house is not large enough to keep all my books-so I donate them. I have made a promise to not to enter contests if I can get the book from the library why add to all that garbage with the packaging and boxes.

    43. Esme, you make a lot of sense by using the library as much as possible. I donate or give to family what I've already read.

    44. I like your method, and early on, I grabbed the logo and have been tracking my purchases.

      I'm not counting the ones I received from publishers, etc., since I didn't buy them. They're on a separate list.

      I think this method is really helping me restrain myself...a bit, anyway!

    45. I've been tracking mine this year, too, and I really think it helped me gain some kind of control.

      I was doing really well until I got my Kindle...and in the past few days, I've added a few books. But still...pretty good.

      Here's my list:

      (click on my name)


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