Tuesday, June 22, 2010

78 - The Murderer's Daughters; Randy Susan Meyers

The Murderer's Daughters; Randy Susan Meyers
(audio book read by: Susan Bennett)

In this novel little sisters Lulu  and Merry were only eight and five when their lives were changed forever by domestic violence. Early on in this debut novel, Lulu disobeys her mother's orders: "Don't let Daddy into the house". While their mother is taking a nap, she lets he daddy in; a fight ensues and their mother is killed, and Merry is wounded and hospitalized.

When  their father is sent to prison, no family member feels comfortable taking "the murderer's daughters" in to live with them, so the girls are sent to live in a very tough children's home, until they can be placed with some family. At the home the girls are constantly taunted about their father being a "murderer" and they being "the murderer's daughters".  The girls are finally placed with the Cohens, a doctor and his wife. The Cohens are good providers, but not very good nurturers.

The story follows the girls for a period of 30 years, and demonstrates just how they have been affected by domestic violence, and one thing is clear, both women have difficulty finding true happiness in life.  Narrated in alternating chapters by the sisters, while Lulu totally disowns her father, she is forever haunted by the fact she disobeyed her mother, and feels responsible for what had happened.  Merry, on the other hand tries to hold on to the only parent she has left, corresponding with and visiting her father over the years.  When he is finally to be released on parole, their lives once again, are in turmoil.

The Murderer's Daughters is an excellent debut novel that examines the long lasting effects of domestic abuse on the children who witness it.  It asks the question, can one ever truly forgive the individual who has brought so much emotional pain into their lives?

The audio book is excellent; the narrator and the story had me hooked from the very beginning. (Some parts were a little slow, but this book is worth your time --READ this BOOK - 4.5/5 stars (Library Audio Book)


  1. This sounds sad and thought provoking. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Sounds like a great story. Almost every single one of my clients has experienced domestic violence, and it is a difficult thing to rebuild your life after such experiences.

  3. I have placed a hold at the library for this one. Thanks for the review! Annie

  4. I so want to read this one. Now I may "listen" to it instead!!

  5. Thanks for this review!

    Bill ;-)

    Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
    and "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

  6. Oh my - this does sounds like one that would be hard to put down! Great review :)

  7. This does indeed sound like a very powerful story and one that I would probably find really engrossing. Your review was excellent and makes me really want to get my hands on a copy of this book!

  8. Thanks for the audio recommendation. I like the sound of this one.

  9. This sounds wonderful! I really enjoy books that follow characters for a while so that you really get to know them & see them grow. And, I'm always up for an audio recommendation - thanks!

  10. I've had the pleasure of attending an author event/reading with Randy Susan Meyers - her backstory (her own history and career) are fascinating additions to the novel.

    I purchased the book, but have yet to read it. Oh, it's going to be a fun vacation with all the books I have lined up!


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