Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Salon - June 13 ~ our new Gadget - The Furminator

 Have You Heard of the Furminator?

This is the best investment I ever made and our cats LOVE IT!
As owners of (4) furry feline, shedding has always been a major problem, especially this time of year. After spending megabucks on various grooming gadgets for our cats, nothing did a great job. Yes, some were better than others, but either the cats tried to attack it, or would run in another room when they saw me coming with it.

 Gross  huh?

All of our cats love this gadget, and actually roll over to have us continue the process. Even one cat who hated everything we tried, does not mind this tool. It is easy to use and, evidently feel good on their skin as well. The major plus, of course, is the way it removes loose fur. 

IT IS FABULOUS! I could have stuffed a small pillow with all the fur that was easily removed. You've got to try this item if you have shedding cats. (WHEW....I feel like I just did an infomercial)! It comes in different sizes: small, medium and large, but the "medium", in my opinion is perfect for cats or small dogs. TRY will be glad you did! There is a website about the product and different models. It works on cats. dogs and yes rabbits.

I am experiencing a bit of "bloggers blah" this week, and have not done a good job following everyone's posts.  I hoping this is temporary.

How Was Your Week in Books?
I accomplished a lot. I found that there are certain parts of my job at work that don't require much thought, and I can happily listen to my audio books on my iPod while completing these tasks -- how's that for multi-tasking?

This week I finished:
Current Reads:
June Reading List
(my progress)
  1. Let the Great World Spin; McCann  - 5/5
  2. Mudbound; Hillary Jordan - 4/5
  3. House at Riverton; Kate Morton (was on May's list)
  4. Forgotten Garden; Kate Morton
  5. A Moveable Feast; Ernest Hemingway
  6. Matterhorn; Karl Marlantes
  7. Secret Daughter; Gowda
  8. A Private Life; Jane Smiley (review pending)
  9. Day For Night; Reiken
  10. Girl in Translation; Kwok
  11. Stormchasers; Jenna Blum
  12. Those Who Save Us; Jenna Blum
  13. Every Last One; Anna Quinlen - 2/5
  14. A Northern Light; Jennifer Donnelly
  15. The Passage; Justin Cronin
Unplanned - Books Read in June


  1. I need one of those for our dog - she is shedding like crazy right now.

  2. I'll have to look into the Furminator. My two cats and dog shed quite a bit, especially this time of year.

    Looks like you're making great progress with your June reading plans, Diane! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Furminator. Greatest gadget ever. The first time I used it on my cat, the pile of fur was as big as he is!

  4. The Furminator looks fantastic. Does it come in a model for dogs? What about rabbits? We could really use something like that aroudn here.

  5. You get far more accomplished every week than I ever do! I look forward to your upcoming reviews!

  6. When I had my cat, his fur would drive me nuts. White hair all over everything. I found a really good brush though that worked wonders. I love the name of the tool you found though.

    I've been a bit blah over my reader myself. I am starring all of the great reviews to read when I have the time to focus on them so don't be surprised if you get a comment from me, for a post that you posted a few days ago.

  7. I love the furminator! We got one for our lab and use it on our cats too. When my lab sheds she loses so much hair that it creates these huge hair dust bunnies that float around like tumbleweeds on our wood floor (and that is even with sweeping and vacuuming every day). When we use the furminator she doesn't shed very much for about a week afterward, which is so nice. Our cats like it too, but we mostly use it on the dog.

  8. After reading your post I went looking for Anna Quindlen. Couldnt find the book you were reading but got Rise and Shine. Will do a review once I finish. I also like the sound of another book on your lists so have to go dig it out from the library.

  9. That's a really neat gadget. I wonder if it's sold at the stores near me...

  10. I LOVE my furminator! I have two chocolate labs and the shedding can get out of control. This tool is amazing. Just be careful... I did over furminator one of my dogs in one spot and it's taken a long time for the fur to even out there! I think every pet owner should have a furminator. Happy furminating!

  11. CB...I added the link to the Furminator website. There are small, medium and large size models. Medium is for most cats and small dogs; large for bigger dogs and small, I guess for tiny furry critters. Here is the website link...

  12. Alice...The Furminator is also sold on EBAY, so you may find that the sellers will ship internationally. Or go to the Furminator website:

    I am glad to hear many of you also love this gadget.

  13. Guess I need to look into a Furminator!

    "Bloggers Blah' is definitely an issue for me right now...maybe I need a short break. Finally got into The Forgotten Garden this week... have about 50 pages to go and will finish it today. What a story!

  14. Looks like you had a great reading week. I'll remember the Furminator when we get pets again.

  15. Would love to read your review of these books! Happy Sunday!Harvee
    My Sunday Salon

  16. Oh, I wish I'd known about this when I had my cat!

    I had to have her "adopted out" when I moved here, because they didn't allow pets...and now, three years later, they've changed their policy and I'm surrounded by barking dogs!!

    I see that you read Every Last One, by Anna Quindlen...judging from the review stars, maybe it wasn't a favorite. I'm checking out your review, but since it's sitting on my stack, of course I'll be reading it!

    My salon:

  17. Sorry you didn't enjoy Every Last One - I am a fan of Anna Quindlen and was looking forward to this one. Thanks for the heads up about the audiobook - the reader can really ruin it!

    How are you liking Venetia Kelly? I really liked the book and had a chance to meet Frank Delaney in NYC this week (will post about it later) and am now even more excited to read/listen to more of his books!

    have a great week!

  18. Think that I will re-read A Moveable Feast for next month's Paris in July event. Seems just right.

  19. Our little guy BJ just loves his furminator! I think he thinks he's getting a special spa treatment when I take it out to use!

    Have a great week!

  20. I see that Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes is on your TBR list. I'm three-quarters of the way through it and it has been a read that I will never forget. I've written two posts about the novel at my blog "Reader in the Wilderness."

  21. With a little work, you could have a whole new cat soon!!!

  22. My dog hates this...can you believe that??? Me either! But boy when I do torture him with it, the hair it pulls out is out of this world!!!

    I love the lists you made for your monthly books. Do you mind if I lift it for my reading challenge blog to help me out???

  23. I do not mind if you do a similar list; be my guest!

    Jenners... I never thought of that! I've been wanting another cat.LOL

  24. I match you for cats and have two large labs in the mix. I have wondered about the furminator, but wasn't sure. Based on your glowing review I may try it (my cats run for the hills when I try to brush them, so anything that they would like would be wonderful!).

  25. Oh, we definitely need this grooming machine for our cats! Sometimes the furballs get so big they blow across the floor like tumbleweeds! I think my cats would love this and it would sure help us out! I am also glad to hear that you are able to multi-task at work and get some good books in. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  26. When my husband came home with a furminator I was all, "Okay, you bought the cats a fifty dollar comb? What about your lovely Italian wife with her curly tresses?" But, I don't need a furminator for myself, I'd just like a tortoise shell something to whip out of my purse. Anyway, they are amazing aren't they? Our cat has a love hate relationship with it. She'll allow herself to be combed for only so long, then it's snarl at the teeth and leap off my lap. But, it helps keep down the need for vacuuming every second day.

  27. Fortunately, Annie doesn't shed so I have no need of the furminator, but I have friends who swear by it!

  28. Bellezza....I am LOL uncontrollably as I read your response. You reaction was priceless. Thanks for the laugh, but at least you recognized it is a great tool....LOL

    Kim and Heather, it is worth a try; I'm betting they will like it.

    BooksNYC...I am loving the audio version of Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show. It's read by the author and just terrific. Hope u liked it too.


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