Monday, June 21, 2010

Audio Book Week ~ June 21 - 25

Well, I know that I am seriously last minute with my decision to participate in  Audio Book Week.  Jen of Devourer of Books is hosting this event. (Thanks Jen)!!! She has discussion topics for each day this week. And if you link to your posts on audio books, or your reviews of audio books you could win a prize.

Today’s question is Why Audio books?

I have been listening to audio books for over (10) years now, initially audio cassettes and for the last (8) years books on CDs. I usually listen to at least (3-4) audio books each month (sometimes more). I find I can multi-task with audio books: go for a walk, clean the house, iron, garden, relax on the beach, and of course when riding in the car. I also LOVE going to bed most nights listening to an audio book on my iPod. I is very relaxing (no grizzly murders please, before bed).  I usually can finish (1) disc before nodding off, and it I do fall asleep before finishing it, I just continue in the morning while checking email and having my coffee.

The reader makes or breaks the audio book for most listeners, and if I find the reader's voice annoying, it doesn't mean I'll never read that book book instead I'll just pick up the print version.  What I find super cool, is when I have both the audio book and the print version of a great audio book, like I do right now when I began listening to Justin Cronin's The Passage (25 discs). Scott Brick is a fabulous reader and has hooked me from disc # 1. 

Some people claim they cannot listen to audio books because they get too distracted. I don't find that to be a problem, unless there are multiple characters and story lines going on. If that happens, I pass on the audio book.  I just finished (2 ) audio books that I am writing reviews for: Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show; Frank Delaney (very good) and The Murderer's Daughters; Randy Susan Meyers, also very good --both readers were excellent as well. Frank Delaney read his own book.

So what about you; are you a fan of audio books? If so tell us why.


  1. Wow other than Candace (Beth Fish Reads), I think you might be the person who has been listening the longest out of everyone who posted today. Most people had been listening under 3 years, I think.

  2. I agree - the reader can make or break an audio book and Scott Brick is a great reader!

  3. I know I've listened to something by Scott Brick, but I can't remember what. The fact that I remember his name probably means I liked it!

  4. Love your new look!

    I've just come back to audio books and am loving them. I agree that the reader makes or breaks it for me as well.

  5. I just listened to my first audiobook ever and had a pretty disappointing experience - this post was very inspiring!

  6. I am in the distracted camp, though I really want to be able to change that!! I am going to have to try something with a really great story and an awesome narrator to see if I can get over my issues of wandering attention.

  7. I like trying to listening to books on audio. My preferred way is the playaway. That way I don't have to download anything to my ipod as that is a hassle!! I really want to listen to Breath of Snow and Ashes but there are 28 CDs!!

  8. I have never listened to an audio book. I may have to give it a try. I like having an actual book to hold and read. i also like being able to reread sections or even skip sections.

  9. Falling asleep to an audiobook - yet another reason I shoudl buy myself an IPod! With me - it's all in the car.

  10. Nise,thanks so much for the sweet comment about my blog look.

    Heather, start your audio book experience with a book with just 2 characters, or even better perhaps a non fiction. That may help you focus?

    Staci, I never tried the Playaways, but they look and seem like a great concept. Have not seen them at my library.

  11. Yes, I'm still catching up with Audiobook Week posts!

    Glad to see another veteran listener!

    I love Scott Brick. I thought of listening to The Passage, but I had an ARC, so I started reading.


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