Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Audio Book Week ~ June 21 - 25 ~ Time for an audio book MeMe

This has been a fun week thanks to JEN @ Devourer of Books who initiated this event. Thanks Jen

Today's event is a simple yet fun meme about audio books.

Audiobook are you currently reading/you read most recently:  I'm currently listening to The Passage, by Justin Cronin; it's 25 cds, so it will take me forever to finish. Fortunately, I have the ARC as well so that may help me to move along a bit more quickly eventually.

Impressions?: This audio book drew me in immediately; anxious to get back to it.

How long you’ve been listening to audiobooks: I've been listening to audio books since 2000; audio cassettes back then...LOL

First audiobook you ever listened to: Honestly, I cannot recall the first audio book I ever listened to, but when I started out I was selecting a lot of books by Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Tyler and James Patterson. I also started listening to a lot of Oprah's picks back then. Some of the titles I recall were:
(Oh boy, has my reading taste changed over the years).

Favorite audiobook title: This is a very difficult question, since I have probably listened to close to 500 audio books in the last (10) years. Some that I recall loving were:  any of the Harry Potter books, as Jim Dale is an amazing reader. You are in for a treat if you have not listened to a Harry Potter audio book. More recently, I loved Let the Great World Spin; Colum McCann which is performed by a full cast of readers. I also finished (review needed) Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show; Frank Delaney (read by the author), which was so entertaining!

Favorite narrator: Jim Dale, Scott Brick, Dennis Boutsikaris; Barbara Rosenblatt to name a few are outstanding readers
How do you choose what to listen to versus read? I usually try to request the latest releases from the library. Listen to the first disc and decide whether I want to load the book onto my iPod for future listening. I also try to avoid any books with too many characters; I find it hard to keep the story lines straight when there are too many names.

How about you, tell us about your audio book experiences.


  1. Wow 500 audio books is lot of listening!

  2. I think it's pretty amazing that you have favorite narrators. I would've never thought about these unsung heroes until Audio week!!!

  3. An audio book is confusing if it has too many characters.

  4. Wow! I am expecting an audio book in the mail, which we'll listen to on an upcoming driving trip. Great post!

  5. I am seeing Harry Potter on audio as a favorite around a lot! I think I better give that one a try!

  6. Best audiobook ever was "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time".

    I stay away from two narrators: George Guidall and Barbara Rosenblatt. Do not like them at all.

    I also do not like audiobooks when they are "performed" - I just like to have the book read to me. Plain and unadorned is my preference. Oh, I also do not like accents being used.

  7. Joann....I totally agree with you....loved Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night, and hate when accents are used as well..


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