Tuesday, June 29, 2010

81 ~ Where the Sunrise Begins; Douglas Wood and Wendy Popp

In Where the Sunrise Begins, author Douglas Wood explains in a way that is interesting for children, how the world is always turning toward the dawn of a brand new day, Bringing with the brand new day, is a brand new sunrise. for each of us around the world to enjoy.  To correspond with the lovely narrative, are the most gorgeous illustrations by, Wendy Popp. Each illustration features children and or nature. The rich pastels, vibrant orange, and subtle hues will have you in awe; the perfect compliment to this sweet story. If you are not familiar with Wendy Popp's illustrations, you need to check them out: One Candle and Sister Anne's Hands are other lovely examples of her talent.

This is a great book for the 3-7 age group, but would be a special treat for parents and grandparents and teachers as well.
RECOMMENDED - 5/5 stars (Library Book)

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  1. The cover alone is beautiful! This sounds like a very special book, and I bet it would be great for all children.


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