Saturday, November 20, 2010

148 - I Love Christmas; Anna Walker

 I am such a sucker for cute kid's books and when they pertain to a special holiday, all the better for me. Naturally I couldn't resist this one: I Love Christmas, by Anna Walker, because I became acquainted with the lovable character Ollie, the zebra and his dog Fred, when I read,  I Love My Dad, earlier this year.

In this Christmas story, Ollie, the cutest zebra ever, is sharing his thoughts on Christmas -- which of course is a holiday that he loves! From the twinkly lights, crinkly paper, tinsel, angels and reindeer, to helping Nana bake the Christmas cake, Ollie the zebra is all excited about Christmas. He even dresses up his dog Fred as a reindeer in the bathtub. By far though, Ollies favorite thing to do is to listen for Santa with his pal Fred close by his side.

The story is told in simple rhyme, and it is a perfect size for little ones to tote around. The author, Anna Walker has illustrated this book, and it features perfect simple scenes that would be easy to explain for even the youngest of toddlers. Older pre-school children will also love this one.
4.5/5 Stars - Library Book


  1. I love Christmas too and I was born on a Christmas Tree Farm...sounds like a good book to me!

  2. Another adorable one!!! I'm glad that you're highlighting these books because I don't read them any longer but I have young nieces/nephews!

  3. Ollie is such a cute name for a cute zebra!

  4. I love the cover! Sounds like a great stocking stuffer :-)


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