Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Salon - November 7th

Another week into 2010, less than (3) weeks to Thanksgiving and we ALL know how close those December holidays are don't we? Am I stressing you yet?
I was up bright an early this morning, thanks to that extra hour we gained. I am not looking forward to it getting dark out an hour earlier though. As I've gotten older, I'm not a fan of night time driving. I don't think I see as well at night and am always nervous about walkers in dark colored clothing, and animals running out in front of the car.

How was your week?

This week we had our book sale at the library, and although it was fun, a college book sale is just NOT as much fun as a public library book sale. Very few fiction books, plenty of non fiction, and lots and lots of computer, psych, history, health sciences, and business books.  Thank goodness, we have lots of public library sales in the area to feed that addiction.

Yesterday we went to see the  movie Hereafter, with Matt Damon. I saw the previews on television, and it sounded good, but I did not read any reviews or plot overview.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but both my husband and I came out of the theater a little disappointed.  I think I was expecting something like Sixth Sense, and instead it was almost like (3) separate stories, converging at the end. There were also some subtitles for the conversations that took place in France. Here is a brief overview:
Synopsis: "Hereafter" tells the story of three people who are touched by death in different ways. George (Matt Damon) is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (Cecile De France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus, a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might--or must--exist in the hereafter. 
I joined the Giving Thanks Challenge for the month of November, and am enjoying the daily reflection on the many things I have to feel thankful for. I know I tend to take a lot for granted, and I'm finding this challenge just makes me appreciate things so much more. Todays thankful item is:
  • I am thankful for our pets. (being able to give a nice home, and food to (4) cats that could have remained homeless, makes my heart glad.)
 (Libby is the oldest; she's 13, we got her as a kitten)

My Week in Books
I posted reviews for Strangers at the Feast (finished in October) but reviewed in November - loved it! Then I read Clinton Kelly's , Oh No She Didn't - liked the a lot as well, and I also finished Anita Shreve's, November 30th release, called Rescue (not very impressed by this one).  I am also working my way through an amazing book called Shantaram; Gregory David Roberts (almost 936 pages). The writing is fabulous and the story has my interest as well. (It is for my Books to Read Before I Die Challenge). I have the book (my copy), plus the audio book from the library --part 1 is (18) discs alone, and I think I'm on disc 10. so this one will take a lot more time.

No big plans for today - whatever you do enjoy and "be thankful" for the day.


  1. Shantaram has been on my tbr list for a long time, too. Glad you're enjoying it. Seems like I've been reading a lot of long books lately.... maybe I'll keep that trend going.

    And yes... you are stressing me out about the holidays!!

  2. I've heard similar responses to Hereafter. I'll probably still see it, but I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

    Your photo of your cat is lovely. I'm thankful for my 2 kitties, too!

  3. I don't like driving in the dark either...I am 55 and I find my night time eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, however if I tried cleaning the inside of my window that might help lol.
    I DO like gaining the extra hour of sleep though and I like the introspection that the cold, changeable weather brings.
    I love to curl up with a book, mag or favorite TV show with flannel PJ's, a cozy blanket and the smell of home made veggie soup simmering in the background!
    Bad week here. My father-in-law passed away on Nov 4 after a long struggle with Altzheimer's...funeral is today :(

  4. I'm only 26 and I hate driving at night. I always feel like my depth perception is the slightest bit screwy, and when it's raining *and* dark - fugettaboutit. I think I'll probably be a basket case when I'm older if it gets worse!

    Sorry to see that Hereafter was a disappointment. The previews made it look so good!

  5. Libby is beautiful, and she sure has the comfy going on!

  6. I don't enjoy night driving either! I hunch over the steering wheel and peer into the blackness, noticing that the lights seem overly bright while everything else fades....


    I can cross Hereafter off the list. I wasn't leaning toward it, but considering it.

    I love the photo of your cat Libby. She reminds me of a cat my daughter had a few years ago named Cleopatra.

    When my daughter moved out of the house (before she came back again!), she took Cleo, who didn't like the new home and apparently ran away. I hope that's what she did; I'd rather picture her in some new cozy home than the alternative.

    But that was a long time ago, so I'm sure she's gone by now anyway.

    The time change always freaks me out. This year, I actually changed almost everything last night. I have a LOT of clocks, so it takes awhile.

    Here's my Sunday Salon:

  7. ugh, i'm totally overwhelmed & stressed out thinking about thanksgiving and christmas coming up. this has been a tough year for my family and I don't know what's going to happen. we'll see! reading wise I've been good though! :-)

  8. I don't like it getting dark an hour earlier, but I will enjoy it getting light an hour earlier, so what're you gonna do?

  9. I've been interested in Hereafter as well but I'm still not sure if I'll see it.

    I'm afraid I spent my extra hour lounging around in bed - it was fabulous!

  10. Yes, I'm feeling a bit holiday stressed at the moment so 1) I'm going to rake leaves and work out some kinks and 2) I'm going to make lists so I feel organized.

    As always, amazed at the reading you accomplish. I have about 10 mins a day for reading, and lately, nothing "real" will do; I'm finishing the Peter/Starcatchers series (so mautre!).

    WEek was grand; the holidays take the edge off work (thankfully) and they also inspire wonderful posts.

    Like yours!

  11. Your kitty is so sweet and cute!

  12. Shantaram is such a big book to handle! I am just starting an Anita Shreve myself - havent read her for a while.

    Holidays - I am not thinking of that asyet.

  13. cute kitty!! thanks for freaking me out about the holidays, though. i can't believe it's almost christmas. the weather, the darkness, blech. i'll have to scoot down to my parents' house in florida for some sunshine! :)

    ps. could you please add the NAME/URL comment option? it makes life much easier for those of us without blogger blogs. thanks! :)

  14. Yes, once we hit Halloween, the rest of the year just flies by! I enjoy the holidays, but I'm sort of dreading all the extra stuff to do.

    I really want to see Hereafter, also based on the previews. Sorry to hear you were disappointed by it, but I'd still like to see it!

    Sounds like you've been doing some good reading...


  15. We actually don't have library sales in our town. The best I can do is the Scholastic Book Sale and the used book shops around town, but even those pickings are meager.

    I read and loved Shantaram about 4 years ago, and hope you love it. Did you know that they were working on a movie version at one time starring my boyfriend, Johnny Depp? I think the plans were scrapped though, as it was like 3 years ago, and I haven't heard any more about it.

  16. What a shame to hear about Hereafter -- I was hearing mixed reviews on it, but I was so keeping my fingers crossed that it would be good!

  17. It was lovely to have that extra hour of sleep ... but depressing how early it got dark!

  18. I have the same fears while driving in the night. I know the clock is ticking!

    And I am thankful for my family nd there love.

    I am sorry Hereafter did not work for you, I like Matt Damon though. I have thought and thought of reading Shantaram, but not read it yet. I hope you get enjoy it.

  19. I'm sorry to hear that "Hereafter" was a disappoint. It's certainly not doing well box-office wise. But it certainly looked interesting.

  20. Natalie....I read your comment----

    "ps. could you please add the NAME/URL comment option? it makes life much easier for those of us without blogger blogs. thanks! :)"

    I'm not sure how to do this, after looking at comment options on blogger. If any one can help, I'd appreciate your feedback.

  21. I'm glad that your public library has the sales you're interested in...I'm just not a big reader of non-fiction. I'm going a gratitude post per day on Facebook. It really helps put things into perspective doesn't it?

    Have a continued week of great reading!

  22. We always seem to have a really great selection of books for sale at my library. They always have an ongoing sale cart. I peak through it every time I work!

    Sweet picture of your kitty. We had a similar colored kitty when I was young. her name was MacKenzie. Love the kitties!

  23. Ah, I heard similar things from friends about Hereafter. I still want to see it, but I'm thinking I'll wait for the DVD to come out!
    And your cat is just so cute, and fluffy!

  24. LOVE the picture of your kitty! She looks like mine, atop of our newly tuned Steinway. :) We are lucky girls, aren't we?

  25. Libby is so pretty! I'm thankful for my 3 too.

  26. So I totally forgot about the time change on Sunday - whoops!

    I also really want to see Hereafter and I hadn't known any one who had seen it so was glad to see your review. Maybe I'll wait to rent it!

  27. Libby is lovely! I love cats. We all have so many great things to be thankful of. :)


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