Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Salon - November 14th


Can you believe it was 62 degrees here (in New England) yesterday (November 13th!!), and much of the same for today. I'm enjoying every minute of it, and not complaining a bit --even if I did just get a new winter coat, and boots. Yesterday, was the one year anniversary of my older brother's death, so it was a bit somber at times around here.  I've been pretty busy, trying to get the house in order for Thanksgiving, organizing my reading piles, and making some holiday lists. (I'm sure many of you have been doing the same).  

I'm pretty happy going into the holiday season, because I've lost 11 lbs in the last (7) weeks and actually dropped a pants size, so that has kept me somewhat motivated. However, last week I found myself a bit out of control - having eaten (9) Reeses peanut butter cups that were left over from Halloween, but I guess I was so active that my weight actually stayed the same! Fortunately, ALL the candy is gone, and I feel focused
once again.

I am very excited to report that I have finished the 933 page book and audio of Shantaram; Gregory David Roberts -- it was amazing. (I had 2 days at work this week that were off site, and that allowed me lots of time to read or play of the computer --long story). But, I digress.....I'll be posting my review in a day or so (I hope). The writing is beautiful, and the story is terrific as well (sure to make my top 10 list for 2010), and it was on my challenge list as well. I also managed to slip in another book that I wanted to read, but was not on my challenge list (oops) - That book was By Nightfall; Michael Cunningham. It was a relatively short novel, and it was actually pretty good (will work on that review this week as well).  Today I'm hoping to begin another challenge book:  Forgotten Garden; Kate Morton, and I'm also listening to Dance, Dance, Dance; Murakami - the reader, Rupert Degas, is wonderful. 

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The winner will be announced on Monday. 

 Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Congratulations on losing weight, Vicky! 11 pounds and a pant size is quite something. You go girl!

    I'm also happy to see you loved Shantaram. I loved it too. I read it about four years ago and I still think about it a lot. It made quite an impact on me.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Ooh, impressive things happening! Organizing your house and TBR piles; losing weight (Congrats!); and reading that rather hefty book.

    I'm green with envy about the Michael Cunningham's on my stack, but I keep telling myself I have to read some others first!

    I know what you mean about those anniversaries of loss...I still do that about my brother's death, and it was twenty-seven years ago now. It's less painful after time, but still a marker to recall.

    You sound very focused and ready for the holidays. Your crisp weather sounds lovely.

    Here's my salon:

  3. We got over eight inches of snow yesterday in Minnesota! This time of year is so weird...anything is possible.

    Congrats on the weight loss! That's an accomplishment. I am defenseless against the power of the Reeses...

  4. It was sure a beautiful day. We had the same temps here, which is amazing.
    I'm thinking about you, Diane. Anniversaries like that are so, so hard.
    Congrats on the weight loss. I just told Tom that I am beginning today. Your numbers encourage me.
    As always, I am stunned by how much you read!!

  5. We're enjoying this beautiful fall weather, too! Think I might get more outside work done today... who knows, maybe even the Christmas lights :-) Congrats on the weight loss. I'll look forward to your reviews this week!

  6. Only 7 degrees here in the north east of England (shivers) I'm jealous. Enjoy the rest of your week-end.

  7. Wow, it was as warm up there as it was in South Carolina! It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! Way to go with the weight loss, that's terrific!!!

  8. Congratulations on the 11 pounds, Diane! I have lost about 7 pounds in the past few months (can't seem to lose any more), and I totally understand how it's just a really good feeling to have :-)

    I hope you were able to keep positive thoughts about your brother in your mind yesterday.

    I can't wait to read your Shantaram review! I haven't read that book, but everyone that I know who has really loved it.

  9. I wish I could eat 9 Reeses and not gain a pound! Good work!

    I am loving that cover for Shantaram. Have no idea what it's about, but I want it. Looking forward to your review.

  10. We have actually had several days of unseasonably warm weather here in the midwest and this weekend it finally started feeling like fall!

    You are farther ahead on holiday planning than I am --- but I do plan to start organizing some books to read for the holidays, and perhaps read a few magazines in search of a new recipe or two.

  11. Yesterday was beautiful! I wasn't working and spent the day hiking! Then spent the night freezing as we went star gazing! I am so sorry about your brother, and hope that the day wasn't too painful for you.

    As for weight loss...Congrats! 11 pounds is terrific! And you would never be able to put all that back on by just one Holiday season! That's part of my thinking for that nice hike I took yesterday- a start to the holiday weight gain.

  12. I might try listening to Murakami - can't find the time to give him the concentrated reading he requires. Have a great read!
    My Sunday Salon

  13. I can't wait to hear your review. It sounds an intriguing book. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm hoping now the Halloween candy has gone I can have a little time to get back on track before Thanksgiving hits.
    Cozy In Texas

  14. Congrats on the weight loss. My theory when there is leftover sweets in the house is to indulge and then just get going again. I think I need to listen to Shantaram. I love listening to long books. I'll await your review.

  15. The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! How did that happen? Someone else reccommeded Shantaram to me. Perhaps I'll save it for the summer when I have time to read all the time.

  16. Congratulations on the weight loss. I gained 4 pounds in one day on the same diet and nothing fits.

    On the other hand - peanut butter cups are an essential food group.


  17. Oh man, leftover Halloween candy is the worst! Good thing it's gone. Sounds like you're starting off the holiday season in a good place!

    I can't wait to hear what you thought of the Shantaram audiobook--that's one I've wanted to read but haven't, largely because of the length. By Nightfall is on my list too! I just finished The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and really liked it; it was my first of her books, so I'll look forward to your thoughts on The Forgotten Garden too.

    You're right, we do have similar reading tastes!

  18. That first anniversary of a loss is tough. I've got to get myself organized/focused for Christmas shopping. Like you, it has been such a warm beautiful fall here, that I lose track of time! Have a great week.

  19. We had warmer temps this weekend also. It's been nice as I know what's ahead for the winter in the northeast! Congrats on the weight loss, you're going into the holidays on a good foot! I just finished an audiobook that seemed to take forever but I did enjoy it. It's such a different experience listening to certain books.

  20. So glad you like Shantaram., Have seen it and was not sure.

  21. We, apparently, have your New England cold weather! High today was in the forties. Eek. Very, very cold for South Texas.

  22. 11 pounds!! That is fantastic -- good job! I ate about 5 mini Nestle Crunches the other day (also left over from Halloween), but I'm feeling it today!

    Shantaram sounds really interesting -- looking forward to your thoughts on it!

  23. Congratulations on your weight loss and for keeping it off!!! And awesome job finishing such a big book!

  24. Love that scale photo ... and great job on the weight loss and staying the same despite a little binge! Keep up the good work! And it sounds like you are getting some strength training from lifting that 933 page book!

  25. Your weather sounds wonderful, Diane! It's been nice in my part of the country too--not too hot and not too cold.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! My husband's lost some weight too recently as he's dieting. I give him a hard time about that because it seems unfair that he's losing while I'm gaining. And as much as I know gaining is normal in my condition, I still hate it. LOL Anyhow, I am happy for you. :-)

    I really want to tackle Shantaram one of these days and am glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to your review!

    I hope you enjoy the week!

  26. Congratulations on the weight loss! Very impressive.
    I had never heard of Shantaram, but I may have to check it out.
    We're having lovely weather, too. I would be very happy if it stayed like this all winter.

  27. What nice, temperate weather you have been having over there! It sounds like it was beautiful! Also, I am so glad that you loved Shantaram. It was a book that I loved as well, and certain scenes still stick with me, even 4 years later. Congratulations on your 11 pound loss! That much weight loss is a huge accomplishment, and I am so glad for you!

  28. I just got back from Alabama where it was in the 80s and I just loved it. Keep up the good work with your weight loss!

  29. Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep it up! Don't worry about the stuff you ate because your body is now a fat burning machine. Well, as long as it's not done always...

    Hmmm... I wonder if I'd be seeing snow in Alabama in January next year when I get there...

  30. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    I'm just starting a 1,488 page book (no audo available as a companion). I hope I'm able to find time to read it. Congrats on finishing Shantaram.

  31. Nothing wrong with celebrating your weight loss with some yummy peanut butter cups! lol Congratulations on the weight loss, that's great.

    It felt like spring was coming here, too, over the weekend. The weather is so weird now, all over the place!
    I'm eagerly awaiting your review of Shantaram. I'm almost finished with Infinte Jest. Maybe Shantaram will be my 2011 1,000-page book!

    Have a good week!
    ~ Amy

  32. How did you do that! Please tell me the secret too, I want to lose weight too!

    Wow, Good work on Shantaram, and I hope you enjoy your reads too!

  33. Yay for the the pant size!! I think you should always make a time for the candy just not too much!!!


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