Saturday, June 2, 2012

(2) Children's Book Reviews

A fewbooks for kids that I've been meaning to post about.
Eileen and Marc Rosenthal
Atheneum Books - 2012

After reading and enjoying, I Must Have Bobo, I was anxious to take a peek at the Rosenthal's latest book, I'll Save You Bobo.

In this book, Willy is a little boy who is having a hard time reading a book about dinosaurs to his pal Bobo -- his cat Earl keeps disturbing him.  Willy is disappointed in the book so he tells Bobo that they should write their own book about Bobo having his own scary adventure in the jungle.  Once they begin their own story the adventures begin, but not without Earl the cat causing some havoc once again.

Cream color pages with colorful drawings by Marc Rosenthal.  Not very many words, and the ones that are on each page are in large letters for extra emphasis.  Cute, but not exceptional.  I liked the first book in the series a bit more.

3/5 stars

Cat Heaven; Cynthia Rylant
Blue Sky Press - 1997

Cat Heaven, is a good book, written in a sensitive manner, about what supposedly happens when a cat dies.  It's a faith based story, about what the cats encounter on their way to heaven such as, sweet grass to play in, crickets and butterflies, plenty of milk and even catnip.  The book talk's of God's kitchen with all of their favorite foods, looking down at their former family from heaven, and getting to sleep in God's bed. Of course the cat's are happy there, because "all cats love heaven."

The illustrations, done by the author, are bright, happy and colorful.  It's ultimately a hopeful story.

4/5 stars

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