Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Salon - March in a Nutshell - Happy Easter!

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring, Happy Easter (to those who celebrate) and Goodbye to March.
How was your week readers?  It finally feels like Spring may be in the air. 50's for the last few days which may not seem like anything for me to brag about to those of you who live in warmer areas, but this has been one heck of a long winter.  

I have a couple of books that I finished and haven't reviewed yet.  One was American Psycho which several bloggers read and reviewed several months ago.  What can I say that hasn't been said about this novel and Patrick Bateman?

5/5 stars
(some spoilers below)

First, I listened to the audio book, which I feel funny about saying this, but I loved it, and I was never bored with the story for even a minute.  For readers unfamiliar with the story, Patrick Bateman, the 27 year-old, "American Psycho" narrates the story.  He's good looking, brilliant, attended the best schools, is incrediblyy vain, obsessed with fitness, designer brands and having the best of everything. He lives in Manhattan, in the same building as Tom Cruise, and will even prattle on about the  $60 pair of boxer shorts he is wearing. He even feels compelled to tell his secretary at Pierce and Pierce, where he is a hedge fund Vice President, what she should and should not wear.  It's easy to see from the very beginning that he doesn't have any moral compass, but it's much worse than that. He hates blacks, gays, poor people, people of authority and women.  

Bateman hangs out with other pompous buddies.  They meet for drinks, dinner at the finest places in NYC and together they drone on about fashion and they critique everyone in their circle of vision when together.  His buddies may be idiots, but they have nothing on Patrick as far as who the 'psycho" is.  

The story gets violent quickly with graphic depictions of more than a dozen murders he commits: men, women, a child and even a few animals.  He uses knives, drills, nail guns, chain saws, lighters, coat hangers to harm and kill his victims, in the course of the (14) hour audio rendition.   Definitely not for the faint of heart, but really well-written and a character I will never forget.

So after I finished the book my husband and I watched the 1.5 hour movie version, which was good, but disappointing after listening to the novel.

Although the book was bloody, violent and equally graphic, the book paints even a darker picture of just how twisted this guy is, but honestly, parts are even laughable if you can imagine that after what I've told you. There is less of everything in the movie: fewer murders, less time in clubs with his buddies, less of everything, but it still follows the book pretty closely.  I think that the movie made me think that many of the the violent acts that I thought really happened in the novel might really have just been imagined or hallucinations by our American Psycho after all.  I'd be curious to get other readers take on this.

March Reading Wrap-Up

  1. Cold Light; Jenn Ashworth  - 3/5 (eGalley) March-2013
  2. The One and Only Ivan; Katherine Applegate - 5/5 (Library) March-2013
  3. Indiscretion; Charles Dubow - 4.5/5 (eGalley) - March-2013
  4. American Psycho; Brett Easton Ellis 5/5 - (audio) - March-2013
  5. There Was an Old Woman; Hallie Ephron - 4/5 (arc/eGalley) March-2013 
  6. Five Funny Bunnies: Three Bouncing Tales; Van Leewuen and Wilsdorf -4/5 (Amz-vine) - March-2013
  7. One Breath Away; Heather Gudenkauf - 3.5/5 - (audio) March-2013
  8. With or Without You (memoir); D. Ruta - 4/5 (arc) - March-2013
  9.  Death of Bees; Lisa O'Donnell - 4/5 (arc) - March-2013
  10. The Storyteller; Jodi Picoult - 3/5 (audio) - March-2013
  11. Have You Seen Marie? ; Sandra Cisnaros - 3.5/5 - (Library)  March-2013
  12. Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology; Caroline Paul - 4/5 - (eGalley) March-2013
I read (12) books in March, but (4) were pretty short.  I still need to review the last (3) that I read.

April Reading Plans
Have a Great Week Everyone 


  1. Yikes, I'm in the faint of heart group so AP is not a book for me - but I know many readers loved it. I'm glad it was a good audio! Looking forward to your thoughts about Benediction. I'm a fan of Ken Haruf.
    Goodbye to March is how I feel too. I'd say 85% of our snow melted over the past few days because we also had temps in the 40s and 50s. Gives me hope.
    Have a good week, Diane!

  2. You've sure been busy! Happy Hoppy Easter!!!

  3. American Psycho sounds tempting...I do enjoy glimpsing what makes someone like this guy tick.

    I loved There Was an Old Woman...and since you gave it four stars, I'm guessing you enjoyed it. I'm off to check out your review.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...beaded curtain background and

  4. Whew, I'm not sure I could handle American Psycho on audio - you are a brave woman! lol

    We had a very mild winter until March hit. March was actually colder than January for us. I am so ready for it to be over so I can start wearing sandals.

    Happy Easter!

  5. I rarely read novels with serial killers, those that murder without reason, if there is ever reasonable murders! This one sounds good though, since there is the possibility the killings are all in his head!

  6. Again, I'm impressed by how many books you read in a month. As for Am Psycho ... what a character. Is this based on a true story? Just wondering. I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but from your review, I'll have to toughen up and prep psychologically to do either. ;) Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. Happy Easter and Happy Spring! You're awfully brave in tackling American Psycho... I'm such a wimp.

  8. Happy Easter and happy April reading!

  9. Great to get your take on the audio! I might add it to my list because I've never read American Psycho.

  10. Happy Easter-I hope you have some nice weather.

  11. I'm not sure I could handle American Psycho, maybe I should try the movie first.

    You had a good month! I read there of the books too (5, 7, 9) so we seem to overlap nicely. Have a wonderful April. Here the winter has lasted way too long too. Let's hope it's over soon.

  12. I just stopped by to wish you a happy Easter - all I can think about when I see Brett Easton Ellis' name is his arrogant and asinine insistence that only he should adapt the 50 Shades of Grey book - which I'm not a fan of in the first place and could care less if it gets adapted or not but still, the man has an over inflated opinion of himself.

  13. After the gals read American Psycho a few months ago I decided to skip it but now you have me curious again. I do have the book on my shelf but it just sounded so horrific.

    I hope you have a beautiful Easter today. Will you be seeing your little Easter bunny? She should be turning one soon, right? or is she just a few months younger than Elle? Time flies...

  14. Happy Easter Diane! Impressive reading list for March!

  15. Diane, I think that An American Psycho is not for me. I'm such a wimp about violence. I'm watching basketball and the guy fell and broke his leg. I can't stand to look. I am impressed with your reading list.

  16. I think the alarming part, after reading your review, is hat apart from the killing he sounds like a guy who's perfectly acceptable to society. Who cares about a moral compass any more? Who would even dare to draw the lines of one? Anything, short of murder, seems acceptable, and if you look good doing it all the better.

    That's my rather jaded look at America coming out...

  17. Happy Easter! We are having a non-Easter meal day here with it just being two of us this year.

    I will post my March books tomorrow, I finished two this weekend that I need to add to the list. I'm pleased with three novels and a handful of cookbooks. I have fallen in like with baking!

  18. Wow, Diane, 12 books in March! Great job! Happy Easter. I'll try to read more in April. :)

  19. I am very happy to say goodbye to March... and hopefully we've seen the last of the snow.

    I haven't read American Psycho yet. I wasn't going to listen to the audio because I know it gets very graphic. But if I can listen to Stephen King novels without nightmares I might be ok with this one too.

  20. great month! Just discovered Kent Haruf, looking forward to read also Benediction. Here is my March wrap-up and plans for April:

  21. Happy Easter!!

    I might have to get American Psycho for my son. Not sure if I'm brave enough to read it!!!

  22. I love the movie, one of my favorites actually. I know it sounds bad, but I laugh a lot when I'm watching it, especially the staricase scene with the chainsaw. But I digress. I've never read the book, but I agree, the movie makes it seem as if it's all in his head. I'm curious now to read the book and seem if it gives the same impression.

  23. Sorry I'm late but I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Our snow is melting pretty good and it's been nice but there is talk of colder and maybe snow. Ugggggh! I'll have to check out AP - I like that kind of stuff. I hope you enjoy your April reading!

  24. What a book to review on Easter! HAHA! I was scared to see the movie but I'm glad to hear it wasn't as stomach-turning as the book. I'm so surprised how much you "enjoyed" it but there were some laugh out loud moments to it and some "I think I might throw up" moments. And I've heard a few theories that it was all imagined by Patrick … one can only hope. It does make me think differently about Les Mis too.

  25. I saw the movie years ago and could barely stomach it. I'm not sure I'd like the book if there is more of everything!


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