Monday, April 8, 2013

Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology; Caroline Paul

Title: Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology
Author: Caroline Paul - Wendy MacNaughton, Illustrator
Publication Year:  2013

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Edition: eGalley
Source: NetGalley

Date Completed: March - 2013
Rating: 4/5 
Recommend: yes

 Calling all cat lovers -- Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation and GPS Technology is at times a quirky book, but one that I think will appeal to feline fanciers everywhere. Are you one of those people who couldn't imagine your life without a cat or two or more? Do you proudly display cat fur on your dark colored clothes?  Have you ever searched for a beloved cat?  If you've answered yes, to even one of these questions, then I am pretty sure you'll enjoy this short book (fewer than 175 pages).

The author of this book has (2) cats very different cats from the same litter, Tibula (Tibby) and Fibula (Fibby). She's also in a new relationship with Wendy, the illustrator of this memoir. While Caroline is recovering at home from some severe injuries to her legs resulting from a plane crash Tibby, an indoor/outdoor cat, goes missing. Caroline becomes obsessed with finding her cat. Just when she thinks that her cat is gone for good, it returns home as if nothing had been amiss some 5 weeks later. It's obvious he didn't go hungry, but just where was he for all that time?

Caroline is determined to find out where her cat went for all that time and what exactly does the cat do when he leaves the house. With Wendy's help, they acquire a tiny GPS device to attach to Tibby's collar, hoping to monitor his activity --surprises result.

This tiny book has such fun illustrations and the story had me laughing out loud as I read.  There are also a few touching moments that might bring a brief moment of sadness or reflection to readers who have experienced the joy of loving a cat.  Enjoyable.


(As a side note, we had a similar experience when we were on vacation about 7 years ago.  Our neighbor was stopping over twice a day to care of our (4) cats while we were out of the country for (2) weeks.  When we returned, we learned that Libby had not returned home after our first day away, but when we called her, she showed up -- 15 days later and not any thinner either.  We often wonder where she hung out in our absence, but were so happy she came home).


  1. This sounds adorable and I so want to know where the cat went during that time!!!

  2. This does sound like a really fun book, and I suspect I know where a cat like that might go, but that won't stop me from reading this book. Great review on this one today. I am looking forward to reading it!!

  3. That sounds like it is purrfect for me!

  4. As a cat lover, this sounds great. Thanks for sharing it

  5. Now I'm curious … I hope curiousity doesn't kill me like it did the cat!


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